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Nurofen survey shows parents concerned about managing children’s pain

Nurofen for Children

A Nurofen-funded survey has suggested that parents are concerned about managing certain issues around their children’s pain, manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser (RB) has said.

The OnePoll survey – which had 2,000 respondents and ran throughout October – found that 64% of parents worry about how best to treat their child’s pain or fever, RB said.

The survey also found that 73% of parents were concerned when their child lost sleep due to pain or fever, RB added.

In addition, 52% of parents who responded said they were concerned that illness may cause their child to miss time at nursery or school, RB continued.   

Community pharmacist Terry Maguire said: “These findings demonstrate that parents need much more information and support on how best to manage fever and pain in children.”

RB highlighted its Nurofen for Children product range, which contains ibuprofen. It can help children get a full night’s sleep by providing up to eight hours of relief from pain and fever, the manufacturer claimed.  

For more information on Nurofen products, visit the brand’s website

Do parents often ask you about treating pain in children?
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