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'One-stop' online travel clinic training launched for pharmacists


An online learning course designed to help community pharmacists open a travel clinic has been launched by ECG Training and PharmaDoctor.

The course covers a range of travel health subjects in 22 interactive modules including: signs and symptoms; vaccinations; risk-reducing measures; malaria prevention; and marketing, PharmaDoctor said.

It complements the vaccination training and marketing support already offered by the two companies. They now have a “one-stop shop for pharmacists wanting to offer a travel clinic service”, ECG Training said.

PharmaDoctor chief executive Graham Thoms said the course can provide pharmacists with a “single point of entry” for travel clinic training.

The online training is free for all ECG and PharmaDoctor customers who have purchased either practical vaccination training or the travel health eTool and integrated PGD package.

For more information, visit the ECG training website or the PharmaDoctor website

Does your pharmacy have a travel clinic?
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