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Online pharmacy enjoys success among London's financial workers

MedExpress director Dwayne D'Souza says city workers value the convenience of the service over its price

MedExpress offers customers in the City of London a prescription delivery service that can reach workers' desks in 90 minutes

An online pharmacy's same-day delivery service has proved a hit with London’s financial workers who want their medicine sent straight to their desks, C+D has learned.

MedExpress’s nationwide prescription service, based on the outskirts of the UK's financial district in the City of London, has been well received by office workers in the area since it launched last year, managing director Dwayne D’Souza told C+D.

The demographic of the City of London was "very different" from the rest of the country, said Mr D'Souza, who worked in the finance sector for 10 years before setting up the pharmacy business. MedExpress’s offer to deliver medicines in two hours within a mile radius for a £2 charge appealed to these customers who "want to get things quickly and are willing to pay for it", he said.

"For them the hassle of going to an doctor isn't really worth it. Sometimes it's more expensive than NHS medicine, but the amount of time you’re saving - especially when London transport can be so horrendous - can actually work out cheaper,” he said.

Almost 150,000 people are employed in the financial services sector in the City of London, according to government figures. This demographic was "male-orientated" with a "high income", said Mr D’Souza, who noticed a "higher than average spend" on erectile dysfunction medication for this group.

Although MedExpress does not currently tailor its offers to specific demographic groups, it planned to place adverts aimed at office workers on the London Underground in the second quarter of 2015, he added.

Last year, Superdrug launched a three-hour prescription delivery service, which it claimed made it the "fastest online doctor in the UK". 

How does your pharmacy target specific demographics?

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Location, Location, Location. Great model hopefully you have not just woken up all the other independent pharmacy owners around you to do the same. Sometimes stealth is better than telling the world how good you've got it. Expect to see MyMedExpress soon.

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