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The 57 Superdrug stores offering £65 chickenpox jab

Superdrug claims to be the “first” UK retailer to offer the chickenpox vaccine privately
Superdrug claims to be the “first” UK retailer to offer the chickenpox vaccine privately

Superdrug has revealed its 57 sites offering the chickenpox vaccine for children and adults who are not covered by the NHS scheme.

The private vaccination is now available in 57 of the company’s “nurse and pharmacist health clinic stores” across England, Wales and Scotland (see map below), Superdrug told C+D on Friday (July 14).

The vaccine will be given by Superdrug nurses to patients aged between one and 65, who have not already had chickenpox, it said.

Superdrug will be expanding the vaccine's availability with two more stores offering the vaccination from this week, with 58 offering the service at any one time, "dependent on nurse availability", it told C+D.

The vaccine costs £65 per dose, and the company recommends two doses – administered four to eight weeks apart – to give “heightened immune protection”.

Superdrug claimed to be the “first” UK high street retailer to offer the vaccine privately. The jab is available on the NHS for "individuals who are likely to come into contact with people who are particularly vulnerable to chickenpox, such as those having chemotherapy", according to the NHS Choices website.

Superdrug's health and wellbeing ambassador Dr Pixie McKenna acknowledged that chickenpox is often seen as a childhood “rite of passage”, but said “spot-picking can lead to long-term scarring”.

“Having suffered from severe chicken pox at the age of 19, I would far rather have undergone the vaccine,” she added.

According to the NHS, nine out of 10 children, or three quarters of children and adults, develop chickenpox immunity after one jab.

The 57 Superdrug stores currently offering the chickenpox vaccination

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Would you consider offering the chickenpox vaccine privately?

Paul Brett, Community pharmacist

How much did superdrug pay for this advert?

Dave Downham, Manager

Not the best targetted "advert" methinks

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

I can't see the point in this. Are they sure that this vaccination is going to give lifelong protection? If not, giving it to kids is going to turn a relatively minor childhood infection into a potentially major adult infection. So long as parents are responsible and don't plonk their poxy kid on the counter to leave a nice viral coating for the next (cancer or pregnant) patient to pick up, I can see little wrong with letting them catch it. 

Wonder if your mother ever plonked her poxy kid/s on the counter. Just you ensure you don’t plonk your poxy kids on the counter and also ensure you don’t take your poxy kids out to places when they are sick to ensure they don’t leave a viral coating for vulnerable people. 

Leroy Jackson, Community pharmacist

Remember the time Superdrug started HIV testing in their stores without any real clinical need - just to get cash through the tills?

How's that going for you SD??

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