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Late payments for 3,000 Lloydspharmacy employees due to ‘human error’

Lloydspharmacy: We're very sorry for the delay
Lloydspharmacy: We're very sorry for the delay

Thousands of Lloydspharmacy staff received their monthly salary after a day of waiting due to “human error” by a payment provider, the multiple has told C+D.

Approximately 3,200 staff received their payment “towards the end of the day” yesterday (June 25) instead of “in the early hours of the morning”, as a result of “human error by our payroll provider”, Lloydspharmacy said.

“We’re very sorry for the delay as we know it will have caused our colleagues anxiety,” the multiple continued.

“We have arranged for additional people to take calls from anyone with questions or concerns and in the unlikely event that anyone’s bank or building society has not credited the money on the correct day we will, of course, reimburse any charges incurred,” it added.

One Lloydspharmacy employee took to Twitter yesterday to tell the company that she “had to work as usual today, not knowing if [I] would be getting paid”, while another tweeted the multiple to say the delay was “shocking”, as she had “bills to pay”.

C+D reported in May 2017 that a “small number” of Lloydspharmacy staff were not paid correctly that month as the multiple's Kronos payroll system was rolled out.

Has the payment of your salary been delayed?

Nikki Lloyds, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

The sheer panic was due to the fact that wages have been incorrect for over a year now, and any missing wages have been getting paid sometimes in the following months pay, with no compensation for overdraft charges etc.
Some people live hand to mouth and have no choice but to have their bills coming out the same day as pay day, and stated in contracts we WILL be paid "on or before the 25th of the month". Also might I add that there was still a number of employees who received it the day after pay day.

Female Tech, Pharmacy technician

So what, the rest of lloyds staff get paid on the 26th, we've all got bills to pay. More fool the person who has their direct debits going out on pay day!

Peter Sainsburys, Community pharmacist

So they got their pay in the afternoon and not the morning. Yawn.

What a complete waste of time even reading it.

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