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PDA: Services review could increase your commissioning power

NHS England has said its services review could look at MUR fees

The upcoming assessment of MURs and other pharmacy services could bring benefits to pharmacists, PDA chair Mark Koziol said in a C+D podcast


NHS England’s review of pharmacy services could redistribute commissioning power across the sector, the Pharmacists' Defence Association (PDA) has said.

The wide-ranging review, scheduled to begin this month, “could work in favour of the profession”, PDA chair Mark Koziol told C+D in an exclusive interview earlier this month.

NHS England said the review, due to start later this month, was requested by England's chief pharmaceutical officer Keith Ridge to advise him on how clinical services can be “modernised” to ensure pharmacy meets the “changing shape and demands of healthcare”.

Mr Koziol told C+D that the review “might help to underpin professionalism”. “Some commissioning might move towards pharmacists and group practices of pharmacists,” he said in a C+D podcast recorded on May 12.

A second take on how pharmacy works

The review offers a “second take” on “how community pharmacy works”, Mr Koziol said. The PDA will use the review to reemphasise its strategy for “individual pharmacists to have a greater say in how services are provided”.

“We’re not saying, ‘forget bricks-and mortar contractors and switch it all to pharmacists’. We’re saying that both of these vehicles have a role in the new health service,” he said.

“We’re the only voice that’s articulating that because why would turkeys vote for Christmas?” he added. 

NHS England told C+D earlier this month that it has not ruled out reviewing medicines use review (MUR) and new medicine service (NMS) fees as part of its review.

You can listen to C+D's full interview with Mr Koziol in the podcast below:


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Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

about time professionalism is put into pharmacy

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Mr Koziol yet again shows how he feels about Pharmacy, and how little he appears to know about Pharmacy. He seems to be encouraging "turkeys to vote for Christmas" - does he not understand what that term means? Or maybe it is just that he is an advocate of the disbanding of the pharmacy service! I suppose one good point of that would be, given no Pharmacists - no PDA! Oh, the irony!

Brian Austen, Senior Management

Stephen, this is a case of Mr K lumping independent pharmacy with Boots, Lloyds et al. He is not able to differentiate how distinctly different they are and how important it is to have access to clinicians where you find most of the public most of the time!

N A, Non healthcare professional

I think the vision of having group practices of pharmacists working for the NHS, away from the retailing / items based business model, would be a brilliant step for the pharmacy profession. Both this and bricks-and-mortar pharmacies would be part of the overall solution, but group practices would provide a very clinically-focused career choice and an opportunity for pharmacists to step away from the clutches of the multiples. The PDA has been saying this for a long time and the RPS talk of pharmacists working in care homes would fit in to it nicely. If the pharmacy contract for bricks and mortar pharmacies also changed at the same time to give a greater focus on patient outcomes (as well as retaining the remuneration for dispensing at the same level or better than it is now), community pharmacy could end up being a much stronger profession at the end of it which delivers much more for the NHS. Primary care and hospital pharmacy already have a very strong clinical focus. I'd trust the independents to deliver that moreso than the multiples at the moment - for the vertically integrated multiples in particular, their business model is based on the number of boxes shifted through items dispensing. Also he said that the results of the patient safety survey for independents were very different to those of the multiples.

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