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Pharmacies can offer £150 allergy service with PharmaDoctor


PharmaDoctor has launched a package to enable pharmacies to offer an allergy ‘test and treat’ service with a recommended price for patients of £150

The package – launched in partnership with allergy test kit supplier – enables pharmacists to test patients for more than 280 allergens, PharmaDoctor said.

Each test requires pharmacies to purchase an allergy test kit from Alliance Healthcare for £90.94.

During an initial consultation with the patient, pharmacists take a finger-prick blood sample, which is then sent to PharmaDoctor’s partner lab in a pre-paid envelope.

The results of the test will be uploaded to the PharmaDoctor online platform within two weeks.

Pharmacists can then meet the patient to discuss the results of the test during a follow-up consultation, included in the £150 price, where they can suggest appropriate treatments supported by the PharmaDoctor software.

These treatments include up to 17 prescription-only medicines. The pharmacist can dispense these under 10 patient group directions, which have been integrated into the free software.

To find out more about the free allergy test and treat pharmacy service package, visit PharmaDoctor’s website

Do you sell allergy test kits in your pharmacy?
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