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More than 6,000 respond to pharmacist apprenticeship consultation

A “health and science route panel” will now review the apprenticeship proposal
A “health and science route panel” will now review the apprenticeship proposal

A consultation on controversial proposals for a pharmacist apprenticeship scheme has received more than 6,000 responses, C+D has learned.

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education – an employer-led public body not affiliated with a government department – oversaw the 10-day consultation on proposals for a five-year pharmacist apprenticeship scheme, which closed on Sunday (April 14).

The consultation, which the institute said was “circulated to stakeholders and representative groups”, attracted a range of comments and reaction on social media ahead of Sunday's deadline.

The institute told C+D today (April 16) that now the first stage of the consultation has closed, a “health and science route panel” will review the proposal, along with a summary of the consultation responses, and make a recommendation to the institute’s board, who will make the final decision on whether to move ahead with proposals.

The panel is chaired by Kirk Lower, a national lead for apprenticeships at Health Education England’s healthcare apprenticeship group Talent for Care.

The panel meets every six weeks to consider submissions from “trailblazer groups” – groups of at least 10 employers that propose apprenticeships – the institute said.

Lloydspharmacy part of “trailblazer group”

Lloydspharmacy confirmed to C+D today it is among the group of at least 10 pharmacy employers – which also includes Boots and Well – that proposed the pharmacist apprenticeships.

“We feel it is important to be part of the initial discussions in order to shape the right solution that is best for both our business and the profession as a whole,” the multiple said.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) told C+D it is not part of the “trailblazer group”.

However, “we were invited to a meeting with a wide range of other organisations to give our views about an apprenticeship standard for pharmacists”, it said.

Did you respond to the apprenticeship proposal consultation?

Interleukin -2, Community pharmacist

It doesnt matter if you responded or not. Wake up guys and smell the coffee.. They are going to do it anyway, its like...mmmh lets have a consultation on if we should increase GPHC fees... after consultation results of which i can guarantee over 99% said no..we gonna go ahead and increase it anyway ...I lie awake now thinking of what else i could do with what s left of my career. I cry when no one is looking

Did I respond? No I tried but they closed for responses early as far as I can see. The whole process is an absolute disgrace. Let us see where we go from here, eyes wide open!

Mohammed Zeeshan, Locum pharmacist

Why is our profession going backwards,I’ll tell you it’s because we have a poor respresenting body who doesn’t have backbone.if we had a representing body as ruthless/progressive as the BMA maybe pharmacist would be valued by the public and the NHS.instead we have a weak representing body such as the RPS.we as pharmacist need to stop being accuracy checkers and develop our knowledge and skills to actually make a clinical change to patients.

Lucky Ex-Boots Slave, Primary care pharmacist

The closest we have is PDA, but again pharamcists are simply not united enough to make a difference and many of us don't even bother joining PDA when it's not even £200 per year for those in community sector. RPS is useless apart from publishing mep and GPhC doesn't have the guts to act against the multiples' interest. 

Paul Dishman, Pharmaceutical Adviser

I certainly responded, initially spotted a Facebook message from a pharmacist saying that we should all respond and forcefully express an opinion

sam Simon, Community pharmacist

Planning to produce half-baked pharmacist. Too bad 

David Miller, Hospital pharmacist

How does the delivery of a masters level graduate meeting the GPhC educational standards equate to half baked?  

Pharmacy Infidel, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Read between the lines.

sam Simon, Community pharmacist

Apprentice pharmacy degree may be blacklisted by pharmacy regulators from other countries

that including the US , Canada,

Australia etc. Planning to produce half backed pharmacist 

Chris ., Community pharmacist

The main question should be how many responses would there have been if:

a) The multiples managed to keep it hush and it hadn't leaked onto social media at the last minute?

b) If the news that the consultation was out was widely publicised with a mass e-mail to all GPhC registrants informing them that they were able to respond?

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