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Pharmacists’ role in Ramadan diabetes campaign expanded

A pharmacist will be present at every diabetes awareness event run by charity Silver Star Diabetes this Ramadan


Pharmacists have been given an expanded role in a campaign to educate Muslims about the importance of managing diabetes during Ramadan.

Charity Silver Star Diabetes had asked pharmacists to join doctors at education sessions in mosques across the country after it found patients were more comfortable having personal conversations with pharmacists, it told C+D.

The Stay Healthy During Ramadan campaign first ran last year with a limited role for pharmacists, but the charity had since recruited a pharmacist to be present at every event to talk to patients with type 2 diabetes about medication changes they can make during the Islamic month of fasting.

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Pharmacists are also being asked to hand out leaflets in multiple languages to educate diabetic Muslim patients in pharmacies about the need to monitor their blood glucose levels and avoid hypoglycaemia, said Dr Malde Modhwadia, chairman of the charity's trustees.

The campaign, which was launched last week in the House of Commons by MPs and diabetes experts, aims to inform diabetics about the effects of fasting during daylight hours from June 28 to July 27.

The campaign will include a minimum of two events each at nine cites in the UK in June and July. Between 10 and 15 pharmacists have already volunteered to take part, and Mr Modhwadia said he hoped more would get involved.

The campaign had been more successful since pharmacists had begun to play an expanded role this year, Dr Modhwadia said.

"They are the first people the public and patients would approach. There is a one-to-one dialogue [because] they recognise their local pharmacist," he added.

Jimmy Desai, a pharmacist at S&S Chemists in Wembley who is taking part in the campaign, said pharmacists were "running the show" this year after GPs and nurses had shown less interest in taking part.

"Being the first port of call, we tell people of a particular community how important it is that diabetics take regular medication. It is time-consuming, but the message is getting through," he added.

What more could pharmacy do to help Muslims during Ramadan?
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Has anyone checked a Pharmacy providing this service free of cost ? Face to face consultations with anyone wanting to fast during Ramadan and a diabetic ? Check Northampton !!

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Very good

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