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Pharmacy minister breaks silence by responding to C+D letter

David Mowat MP: Pharmacy is an "important frontline service"

The new pharmacy minister has broken his silence towards the sector by responding to a C+D letter suggesting which areas he should prioritise.

In an open letter to the minister, published last week (June 28), C+D editor James Waldron welcomed David Mowat to his new role.

Mr Waldron also used the letter to set out three areas the minister should focus on: listening to the sector, backing the regulator’s “programme or work” on workplace pressures, and reassessing the planned cuts to funding in England.

You can read the full letter here.

Mr Mowat responded on Twitter this morning (August 1), thanking C+D “for the welcome”. He branded pharmacy “an important frontline service” and added that he is “looking forward to supporting the sector as it modernises”.

He followed up his tweet by telling C+D that he is "looking forward to working with the sector to understand more about the opportunities and challenges in this area".

Mr Mowat also pledged to "make sure that we make the most of pharmacists’ skills and provide the best possible service to the public”.

Last month, both Pharmacy Voice and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee said they had asked Mr Mowat for a meeting to clarify plans to cut funding in England by £170 million in October.

What questions do you have for the new pharmacy minister?

Brian Austen, Senior Management

At this beginning stage he is probably being fed the responses to be made. In the middle and at the end of his tenure he will probably be fed responses to be made!

John Cleese, Production & Technical

So he replied to the letter, strictly speaking, but didn't really say anything. A non-story.

Dave Downham, Manager

Surely he news is that he replied which shows more engagement than his predecessor

B akbar, Pre-reg Pharmacist

just another suit!

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