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BREAKING: Pharmacy Voice to disband over NPA split

Rob Darracott: Pharmacy Voice will continue with its current work programmes

Pharmacy Voice "cannot continue" to exist following its split from the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), the lobbying group has announced.

Pharmacy Voice is formed of the NPA, the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) and the Company Chemists’ Association (CCA). 

But Pharmacy Voice chief executive Rob Darracott revealed this morning (February 2) that the NPA's announcement last December that it would leave at the end of 2017 means it is "not possible" for Pharmacy Voice "to continue with the remaining member associations".

"The constitution of Pharmacy Voice requires that if one member association gives notice to leave, the organisation cannot continue," Mr Darracott explained.

“Pharmacy Voice will continue with its current work programmes for the time being, while the board completes a review of the workplans for 2017, so that the best decisions are made for the continuation of the vital work Pharmacy Voice has been doing for the future of the sector,” he said.

Mr Darracott added: "Changes will be implemented in an organised and timely fashion that is respectful of committed staff and recognises the need to fulfill outstanding projects."

The Twitter reaction
What does this mean for the sector?

Amal England, Public Relations

Dispanding Boots, Lloyds, Day Lewis and Well is also welcome (for the greater good of pharmacy and the patient)

Draye To, Community pharmacist

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Tony Schofield, Community pharmacist

I'm not convinced of the value added. The Murray report came out a little while ago and talked about re-working MURs to fund more clinical roles. How anyone can whinge here about increasing a clinical role is beyond me. But the future of the profession is in the hands of people like Valentine Trodd and I suspect the penny has dropped as to how difficult it's going to be kick many pharmacists out of their inertia. 

Frustrated Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

I'm with Trodd on this one. I have no problem with providing clinical services Tony - never had. In fact, not being a contractor with all the inherent financial distractions, providing quality clinical services that make a difference to peoples lives is one of the few rewards I get from the job. However, I would not describe MURs in their current format as being anything close to a quality clinical service and ethically I have well-placed reservations about the service as most pharmacists do (as reported on these pages not so long ago). 

Tony Schofield, Community pharmacist

Perhaps you should read what I said. MURs are not the way for us to provide the clinical services patients need. The money spent on them has been identified by Murray as a means of assisting funding new clinical roles. The biggest problem at the moment seems to be that the Murray report, commissioned by the government chief pharmacist, seems to be in the process of being buried by NHS England 

L H, Community pharmacist

Tony: "re-working MURs to fund more clinical roles."

Sounds to me like you might actually agree with what Tony is saying?  I get the impression that, like yourself, he isn't pro-MUR in their current format either.  Nor am I so that's two contractors who'd be happy to see the back of them and a decent clinical service replace it...and hopefully they'll come up with some payment system that won't turn it into a target.  Possibly payment directly to the pharmacist (with a small token payment to the premises for use of facilities - though not enough to have area managers berate anyone for).  You can bet the multiples would fight against that, unfortunately.  Oh, for a representative pharmacist union...  How did that court case of one multiple fighting against their pharmacists having a choice of union representation go?

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Good riddance to them. Any representative organisation  campaigning for the 'cap' on MURs to be lifted must place the welfare of employee pharmacists/locums pretty low down on their priority list - and it's hard to think of anything else they could do that would alienate so many of us. However, I can see why the contractors on here love them.

Draye To, Community pharmacist

Its unfortunate that they disbanded


P M, Community pharmacist

boo hoo trodd


Grumpy Pharm, Community pharmacist

So sad that the NPAs daft decision has broken this up. While we continue to prefer being splintered we can only be further denigrated as divide & conquer will win through. The medics manage to keep it together for their national voice and it works, they bicker in private but never nationally. I hope the work does get to continue but without the joined up mechanism/voice how well will it land...

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