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Vitamin D: A 'profound' public health message for pharmacy


Vitamin D is often in the headlines, but what do you know about its use?

"As a scientist and a healthcare professional, I want to recommend supplements based on scientific evidence," Graham Phillips, superintendent pharmacist of Manor Pharmacy Group in Hertfordshire, says in C+D's latest clinical podcast.

Evidence suggests that vitamin D is "invaluable" to bone health, Mr Phillips adds. But what else should pharmacists know about this vitamin and its use?

Looking at the Public Health England guidelines and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition recommendations, Mr Phillips discusses the importance of pharmacists offering the best advice when it comes to these supplements.

Listen to the podcast below to hear Mr Phillips discuss:

  • How vitamin D is normally obtained
  • The link between vitamin D and good bone health, and why this can be of great benefit to elderly patients in particular
  • What signs to look out for if someone presents with low vitamin D
  • The "grey area" between insufficiency and deficiency of vitamin D, and possible causes
  • The benefit of stocking vitamin D supplements

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How often do you recommend vitamin D supplements in the pharmacy?

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

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