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Pre-reg exam pass rate drops to 78%

GPhC: Pass rate is consistent with previous June sittings
GPhC: Pass rate is consistent with previous June sittings

The pass rate for this June's registration exam dropped 17 percentage points compared with the previous year, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has revealed.

The regulator noted that this year’s 78% pass rate “is lower” than last June’s 95%, but stressed that “it is more consistent with previous pass rates for June sittings”.

A total of 2,823 candidates sat the exam in June 2017, with 2,208 passing the assessment, the GPhC revealed yesterday evening (July 27).

The pass list for the June registration exam can be viewed here.

How have June pass rates varied since 2011?
Pass rate
June 2017
June 2016
June 2015
June 2014
June 2013
June 2012
June 2011

A lack of time, desk space and adequate preparation topped complaints about the June 2017 pre-registration exam, the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association revealed earlier this month.

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What was your pre-reg exam result?

Bushra Iqbal, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

 This pass rate is definitley controlled by the Gphc ,they dont need any more pharmacists ,they think theres too many  pharmacists already so gphc treats any students or qualified pharmacists like vermin. If there really  was a need /shortage of us pharmacist then gphc would treat us better, their gphc salary is guaranteed by themwelves they made sure of that  ,their PRESTIGIOUS   new canary wharf 24th floor citibank offices is amonst the prosporous  goldman sachs offices and who pays the rent  for that?  You and Me and every hard working fee paying broad shouldered  colleague pharmacist and technicians . We pharmacists  daily toil and take abuse from both  abusive patients and  area managers (mur targets),while  the gphc sits amonsts the clouds and hands out whip lashes down to the hard working pharmacists and staff for not grovelling more and saying yes sir no sir ,  even though we pay for their gphc golden pensions pot,salary and prestigious located GPHC  offices, the NHS/ PHARMACY is cash strapped so what are gphc doing with head quater offices amonst the expensive prestigious  Banking section in  canary wharf , because you, me ,us everyone of us all are paying for them. The council offices could easily have  been anywhere in the home counties  where rent is cheaper since we re all paying for it thru our  fees. I wonder what my pension will be from retiring ...  BIG FAT ZERO!                    TRUST ME  IF YOU HAVE FAILED THE EXAM  YOU AREN'T MISSING  ANYTHING HERE !! 



Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

With the greatest respect to the GPhC, which I am a huge fan of, how on earth can the pass rate swing 20% in a year. Were people born in 1993 really that much more intelligent than those in 1994.


*This comment has been edited for breaching C+D's community principles*

Dax Trader, Finance

Do not despair if you fail the prereg exam three times.  You will be forced to do something else with your career and more likely than not have a better life and income than the average dishevelled pharmacist in ten years time.

Ari Butt, Community pharmacist

A number of factors have caused this poor pass rate ! Too many schools of pharmacy, poor training  by tutors and academically poor students applying to study the profession! It's time for everyone involved in training future generations to reflect ! 

Jonny Johal, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

Well, wait and see, the more registrations the safer are the GPhCs pensions pot - I say mandatory registration by counter assistants is extremely attractive to them. 

Yuna Mason, Sales

The big swings in the pass rates each year  are worrying. What could cause that?

L H, Community pharmacist

"78% is fair. They have 3 chances to smash it."   Agree, but gets mysterious thumbs down from people (keep reading).

"Question: How would the profession feel, and the public react, if the pass rate was 100% ?"  Good question...but statistically we're at pretty close to 100% anyway (yes, I'm taking liberties in including the 3 attempts).

I haven't calculated statistics in a couple of decades, so await vehement corrections if I'm wrong, but at a 78% pass rate, isn't the chance of eventually passing...   1 minus the chance of failing three times?

1-(0.22 x 0.22 x 0.22) = 1-0.010648

= 98.9352% chance of passing.

And to be acurate the chance of failing all of the the last three exams is 0.00286%.

I still remember the stress of the exams and my heart genuinely goes out to each individual.  On a global level though, the chances of failing three times is pretty damn low.  If you are one of the 0.00286% who didn't pass the last three exams, take heart that you'll probably be happier in the long run!



Dave Downham, Manager

Correct maths. Who said pharmacists could only count in 28s? Jeremy hunt? David mowat?

jack The-Lad, Communications

No. It was J Robert Oppenheimer

geoffrey gardener, Community pharmacist

Four years at university and nearly 1 in 4 students fail the pre reg exam, surely something is wrong. Is the course fit for purpose?, Has the proliferation of pharmacy places at uni led to a decrease in the caliber of undergraduates ? Or is it the exam itself that is at fault. Students invest heavily in both time and money to do a pharmacy degree, surely changes need to be made.

L H, Community pharmacist

Not so sure about that.  Cue old timer music, but back in my day a 75% pass rate was considered pretty standard and as a student I wouldn't have battered an eyelid when hearing that.  Maybe I haven't changed with the times but with the proliferation of pharmacy courses and increased intake, why would you expect the pass rate to increase?   I hear everyone gets a prize/medal these days at school.

Ewww, battered eyelids, sounds nasty :-). Totally agree with you Mr Skeptic, tough exams separates the wheat from the chaff.

L H, Community pharmacist

Ha!  Hopefully not a Freudian canabalistic slip!  Not something about myself that I was aware of (but life is a constant learning process, I guess).  I'll blame the large glass of red instead for that typo.

community pharmacist,

78% is fair. They have 3 chances to smash it. 

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Question: How would the profession feel, and the public react, if the pass rate was 100% ?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Stephen we did not have pre-reg exam in our day lol :-)

Trevor Suhenly, Pre-reg Pharmacist

Hi Jas, I would like to know more about the pre reg placement that you offered. Is it alright if I can contact you for further information ? Thank you very much.

Do I Not Like This Dotcom, Primary care pharmacist

Hi Trevor

Email me please on [email protected] with your contact details

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Lots of new subscriptions for the GpHC. Should help with the pension coffers of the top brass. I love Pharmacy.

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Well done for passing. But sadly for the vast majority entering community pharmacy it's very bleak.

Do I Not Like This Dotcom, Primary care pharmacist

Congratulations to all those that have passed - commiserations to those that have not.

We have a pre-reg placement available in the WA7 postcode area (Runcorn) - please PM me if interested.

Trevor Suhenly, Pre-reg Pharmacist

Hi Jas , can I have more information regarding the position that you mentioned? Thank you very much.

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