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Pre-reg pharmacists no longer need six-month placement to re-sit exam

GPhC: Trainees can use the time to reflect on their performance

Pre-registration pharmacists who need to re-sit their exam will no longer have to complete a six-month placement first, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has announced.

Previously, trainees who failed the exam were required to undertake a further placement before they were eligible to re-take it, but the regulator removed this from the assessment regulations on Monday (October 21).

This gives trainees the option to use the time to “reflect on your performance in the assessment and form your own plan to address the issues you identify”, it said.

“Although there is no longer a formal requirement to complete any further pharmacy work experience, you may still want to continue with a current placement, or to arrange work experience before your next assessment sitting, if you feel this would help you prepare to sit the assessment again,” the GPhC said.

“It’s important that you reflect on your performance, identify any issues and make a plan to address these,” it added.

“This will help to give you the best chance of passing the assessment when you next attempt it.”

More information on how to prepare for a re-sit can be found in the GPhC’s pre-registration manual.

Should pre-regs have to train before re-sitting their assessment?

Arun Bains, Community pharmacist

How can anyone expect these students, some of which live away from home, some who are mature, to work a full time (stressful) job for six months unpaid?

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

The Multiples may be thinking "" Darn it. We lost an opportunity of unpaid labour for 6 months"

geoffrey gardener, Community pharmacist

I would have thought that working in a pharmacy environment would be the best way to bring your knowledge up to speed. However six months out of the profession  might show the future pharmacist that the grass can be much greener on the other side of the dispensing bench, and allow them to readjust their career goals.

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

It depends on what the reasons are for failing, and how best is the remdial action to be completed

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