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'Hundreds' of reports lead to pregabalin concessionary price

PSNC is pressing Department of Health for price decisions on other strengths
PSNC is pressing Department of Health for price decisions on other strengths

“Hundreds” of reports from contractors led to pregabalin being granted a concessionary price, according to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).

The medication entered category M in August, a month after it came off patent for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

Pregabalin prices in the drug tariff currently range from £1.87 for a pack of 56 25mg capsules to £4.17 for a pack of 56 300mg capsules. But contractors told C+D earlier this month they are being forced to pay almost £20 per pack by wholesalers.

Concessionary price of £19.95

The Department of Health (DH) and National Assembly for Wales announced yesterday (August 16) a concessionary price of £19.95 for packs of 84 50mg capsules and for packs of 56 150mg capsules.

PSNC received “hundreds of reports from contractors about the availability and pricing of pregabalin, warning that it is not available at the drug tariff prices”, the negotiator said today.

PSNC director of pharmacy funding Mike Dent told C+D the negotiator is “also pressing the DH for decisions on other strengths, as we know the disruption that late announcements can cause for contractors”.

“PSNC has been concerned about pregabalin for some time, and we had hoped for a more managed transition to category M than we have seen,” Mr Dent added.

“We requested a price concession this month as soon as we were able to, and we are extremely grateful to all contractors who have taken the time to share information with us, as this forms a vital part of our evidence base.”

The latest concessionary prices for August – including pregabalin – are listed below. The month’s previous concessionary prices can be viewed here.

tablets (28)
capsules (84)
capsules (56)
tablets (60) 
tablets (14) 
Have you been affected by pregabalin pricing and supply issues?

SydBashford Sold&Retired&DeRegistered, Community pharmacist

More like £60-£80 per pack. Still not supplying it until we get to find out where these £19.95 packs are?

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

I can't believe I'm recommending a branded generic but Axalid are £19.95.  I'm going to go for a shower now...

S Morein, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

So no financial loss there...who would have thought it. 

Dave Downham, Manager

...all of which just underlines what a farce the whole Cat M thing is.

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