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Prescription charge to increase 20p to £9 in April

The DH said prescription charge income is expected to rise broadly in line with inflation

The prescription charge in England will increase from £8.80 to £9 on April 1, the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has confirmed.

There will be no change to the cost of pre-paid prescription certificates (PPC), health minister Baroness Blackwood said in a statement today (February 21).

The three-month PPC will remain at £29.10, while an annual PPC will stay at £104.

“The government expects the NHS to deliver £22 billion of efficiency savings to secure the best value from NHS resources and primary care must play its part.

“This year, therefore, we have increased the prescription charge by 20p from £8.80 to £9 for each medicine or appliance dispensed,” Baroness Blackwood said.

“Taken together, this means prescription charge income is expected to rise broadly in line with inflation,” she added.

Prescription charges have increased by 20p instalments for the last three years, following a 15p rise in 2015.

Prescription cost rise “adds to NHS bill elsewhere”

In response to the DH’s announcement, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee chief executive Simon Dukes said: “Many people already find it extremely difficult to pay the prescription charge.

“While we recognise the financial pressures that the NHS is under, raising the prescription [charge] runs the risk of those most in need not getting their medicines – adding to the NHS bill elsewhere.”

What do you make of the rise in prescription charge?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Look on the bright side chaps. At least the sums will be easy. I know my 9 times table but I was a bit scratchy on the 8.8 one.

Angela HOWARD, Pharmacy technician

easy answer? 50p charge per item per month for ALL...working, non-working and sundry....income support? Use it to support oneself, pension? Same agruments at the till about do they pay? No over ordering because 'it's free'....don't think I'm throwing up too many surprises here....oh and no fines for those that claim they don't pay and they do!!!!

Hadi Al-Bayati, Locum pharmacist

Has anyone ever done (if it's possible) an audit on those who don't get the medicine prescribed because they can't afford the charge, and then use the NHS again because of that lack of treatment, directly or indirectly? Out of hours, GP, A/E etc.

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