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Priadel 200mg and 400mg tablets discontinued from April 2021

Essential Pharma will ensure “sufficient supply” of Priadel 200mg and 400mg until April 2021
Essential Pharma will ensure “sufficient supply” of Priadel 200mg and 400mg until April 2021

Manufacturer Essential Pharma has made the "difficult decision" to discontinue its Priadel (lithium carbonate) 200mg and 400mg prolonged-release tablets from April 2021.

The products will no longer be in supply from April next year, “due to restrictions on permitted pricing” that mean the manufacture and supply of the tablets is “no longer viable”, Essential Pharma told C+D earlier this week (August 19).

“We have sought to minimise disruption to patients and to allow time for the transfer to suitable alternative lithium products by providing the Department of Health [and Social Care] (DH) with an extended notice period of such discontinuance,” it added.

The DH and the Royal College of Psychiatrists are producing “relevant guidelines for healthcare professionals and patients to aid such transition”, Essential Pharma said.

It added that it will “ensure that sufficient supply of Priadel” is available until April 6 next year, “to match local demand for the product until such date”.

Available alternatives

“Other brands of lithium carbonate tablets remain available, including Liskonum 450mg modified-release tablets, Camcolit 400mg modified-release tablets and lithium carbonate Essential Pharma 250mg tablets,” according to a DH supply disruption alert published today (August 21).

The DH is currently working with lithium manufacturers to ensure there is sufficient supply of alternative brands to enable the switching of patients.

Patients who are switched to a different lithium brand should be “encouraged to return any unused Priadel modified-release tablets to their community pharmacy for safe disposal and to avoid confusion”, the DH said in the alert.

“Lithium is indicated for the treatment and prophylaxis of mania, bipolar disorder, recurrent depression and the treatment of aggressive or self-harming behaviour,” the DH added, suggesting that “sudden discontinuation of lithium is associated with relapse in up to 50% of patients,” which could translate into mania.

Prescribers should make "individualised management plans" for certain patients who are being switched to an alternative lithium formulation, the DH said in the alert.

A DH spokesperson told C+D yesterday (August 20) that “alternative lithium products will remain available”.

“We understand the importance of carefully managing any changes to a patient’s treatment and are working with national mental health experts to produce guidance for healthcare professionals to support those affected,” they added.

What do you make of Essential Pharma's decision to discontinue the supply of Priadel 200mg and 400mg tablets?

Mr CAUSTIC, Community pharmacist

cost in canada

  Priadel BrandPrescription Required   400mg
 100 tabs     $138.00   


Mr CAUSTIC, Community pharmacist

Sam they already have a product at 10X the price !!!!!!!!

Mr CAUSTIC, Community pharmacist

Just remembered there is another brand of 400 mg tablets  CAMCOLIT . I have not had a script for it for many years  . The price is £48.18 compared with £4-02 for priadel .  What is rather interesting is that they are both made by the same company . No need for them to produce a generic is there ! However perhaps the government might like to produce a generic to the same specification so that patients are not inconvenienced by this move .  Unfortunately that would take time to get licensed . Alternatively they might allow a small increase in the price in view of  nature of the product .


Management of Essential Pharma, supported by Gyrus Capital, have acquired 100% of the shares of the Essential Pharma Group from the founder family owners. 

.  Essential Pharma is based in Egham, Surrey, and is a specialty generic pharma business focussed on CNS and other niche pharmaceutical products.  Essential addresses the problem of drug shortages by ensuring the continued supply of low volume and legacy drugs with high clinical importance which are at risk of discontinuation and stockouts.

With additional funding from Gyrus Capital, Essential plans continue to grow the business through further product acquisitions in Europe, and potential add-ons.

Gyrus Capital is an investment firm based in Geneva, Switzerland.  The firm makes investments in long term sustainable growth sectors, specifically healthcare and sustainability.  



Leon The Apothecary, Student

"Difficult Decision."


Sam Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Hang on, haven't I seen this before. PPRS only allows branded goods to be put up in price once every 3 years.

Let's discontinue the brand, then bring out a generic at 10x the price. Debranding at its best!

Let's see Fucithalmic Eye Drops, Florinef, Hydrocortisone Oint, Dipentum, Epanutin and BetnovateN

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