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Prime Minister hears of key sector issues during pharmacy visit

Ruislip Manor Pharmacy owner Sanjay Doegar and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister has visited a community pharmacy in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency to hear about pressing matters for pharmacy and its role during COVID-19.

Boris Johnson visited Ruislip Manor Pharmacy in north west London yesterday (August 6). He met owner Sanjay Doegar and his team to discuss the sector’s challenging financial situation and community pharmacy’s role in supporting the NHS in light of COVID-19. 

“It’s great that Mr Johnson made time in his busy schedule to hear about the situation on the ground for community pharmacy,” Mr Doegar said.

“We talked about the work of pharmacies during the coronavirus pandemic, the flu season ahead and the need for long-term investment to unlock our sector’s potential,” he added.

Commenting on the visit, National Pharmacy Association CEO Mark Lyonette said it is “really important that senior figures like this hear first-hand the experiences of frontline pharmacy teams”.

“Politicians are getting the consistent message that pharmacy teams are heroes on the health service frontline and that more support is needed from the government, to keep the doors open and for pharmacies to play a key role in Britain’s eventual recovery from the pandemic,” Mr Lyonette said.

Mr Johnson visited another pharmacy in his constituency in January, where he met Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies CEO Leyla Hannbeck and heard how pharmacy can help alleviate pressure on other parts of the NHS.

In a video posted on Twitter on March 29, the Prime Minister thanked pharmacies for their work during the pandemic, acknowledging “how important it is that our pharmacists are not only dispensing vital medicines but also very often reassurance to the customers they interact with” during COVID-19.

Last week (July 30), health secretary Matt Hancock also praised the work of community pharmacy during the pandemic, commenting that pharmacies are “deeply embedded in the communities they serve” and have shown “how much more they can do” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What do you make of the PM's visit?

D Change, Community pharmacist

To take an influence and somewhat quote Roger Mayweather ..."they know Shi* about Pharmacy"

Sunil Patel, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

Important to point out that according to PM's page this visit was as part of his overall visit to businesses in his constituency, so not just specifically pharmacy. This has not been reported here so don't be quick to feel special. I see certain organisations are quick to put their wise words here. 

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Considering how the current government has treated Nurses when that issue was debated and voted on in parliament, I am not confident that Pharmacists will see better.

Not-So-Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

It's just words. I'll reserve judgement until I see ACTION.

sunil maini, Community pharmacist

Well all you guys.Boris has said thanks,so hope you all feel fulfilled and satisfied.While most were furlowed,you put yourselves and your families at risk,in order to keep your patients alive.Sadly you will all suffer financially for working when the NHS ask pharmacies to re-pay advanced income.How will you get a pay rise when pharmacy owners are asked to essentially re-pay all the over time costs incurred? We all know of examples of others who enjoyed being paid for doing nothing!Where is the thanks to you all for staying open,in terof renumeration? Will any Hospital doctor or nurse be asked to repay any renumeration re overtime worked to keep things going ?  I really do not know any more what the point is any more of  pleading for justice,when HMG keep treating the profession with disdain

On Break, Community pharmacist

I agree with you on the renumeration that it will be a struggle to repay. Hopefully if the Government recognises our contribution they will decide that we shouldn't have to repay. The visits can only help raise government awareness of what we are doing. We need to push for more positive PR like this.


Thomas Wilde, Community pharmacist

I think its very telling that the best-case scenario that pharmacists in England are hoping for is just not to be screwed over. When really they should be hoping for a reward for all their hard work.  

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