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PSNC's Sue Sharpe to resign at end of 2017

Ms Sharpe has been chief executive of the negotiator since 2001
Ms Sharpe has been chief executive of the negotiator since 2001

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) chief executive Sue Sharpe will resign at the end of the year, the negotiator has announced.

Ms Sharpe made the announcement at PSNC's May meeting in London, it posted on its website this afternoon (May 9).

She has held the role since 2001, the negotiator pointed out.

PSNC told C+D it could not comment on the reason for Ms Sharpe's departure or who will replace her.

The Twitter reaction
The NPA's reaction

National Pharmacy Association (NPA) chairman Ian Strachan said the organisation was “indebted” to Ms Sharpe for her years of “tireless service” in the sector.

“Sue stands out as someone who knows how to operate within the corridors of Whitehall, yet also understands the pharmacy frontline and cares deeply about what happens to contractors, pharmacy staff and patients,” Mr Strachan said.

"She is an exceptionally capable leader who will be sorely missed," he added.

What do you make of Ms Sharpe's resignation?

Ashvin Swali, Community pharmacist

Let's put this chapter behind and go forward.

Dave Downham, Manager


lucas perez, Student

*This comment has been deleted for breaching C+D's community principles*

Leroy Jackson, Community pharmacist

Going by her negotiation skills we can rest assured her severance package won't cost us too much.

Dave Downham, Manager

Wouldn't bet on it...

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Why wait till the end of the year? So we've got a slow eight month wind down when even less will be done that has been done before? This wouldn't happen in the dispensary...

R A, Community pharmacist

The real problem with this sector is the sector itself. This began when pharmacies were being slowly sold off to multiples because they offered more money instead to pharmacists. As a result, the influence of pharmacists has slowly withered away and is non-existent in community pharmacy now.

Community pharmacy now has two masters; NHS and the numerous business executives who run the various chains within the UK. The NHS now finds itself in a fortuitous situation where it can negotiate more favourable terms because community pharmacy is essentially an oligopoly run by business executives who are clueless to what is a reasonable term of payment to sustain this sector safely and profitably. Instead, the business executives pass on the cuts on to individual branches which have to suffer and work in questionable settings to maintain the profit levels of the parent company that is necessary for the business executives and CEO to get their fat bonuses. So, in all honesty, Sue was nothing but a figurehead all those years taking money for not doing much but sitting on the big table whilst the two forces decided the payment terms. 

I wish I knew all this before I did this degree the only thing I am thankful for is not having a pharmacy of my own.

Meera Sharma, Community pharmacist

Wishing Sue all the best - its been tough & a difficult road for pharmacy, but whatever the outcome she has fought the corner. All the best.

Dilip Shah, Community pharmacist

Sorry to learn Mrs Sue Sharp is leaving. She has worked tirelessly for Pharmacy  and to ensure that we do not loseout on the long run. The challenges fighting the government are always taxing and frustrating most of the times, as the judicial review hearings have demonstated. I would like to wish her good luck and thank her for supporting pharmacy.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

I'm hoping with fresh blood we will see a fresh approach.

Kishore Patel, Community pharmacist

Can honestly say Ms Sharpe and the PSNC have been extremely poor in their negotiations during her reign. During this period with encouragement from PSNC, a new contract was unanimously accepted and there began the demise of Community Pharmacy. The Committee has been very poor in their negotiations and independent contractors have suffered the most under her reign. Might be time to bring in some new blood as I can't see anything changing with what remains of the PSNC.




Kishore Patel, Community pharmacist

In addition, why wait till end of 2017? Hopefully there will be a new Minister for Health after June 8th and a fresh, stronger and more motivated negotiater would be a good starting point??

Ghengis Pharm, Locum pharmacist

Can't agree more.  Ms Sharpe along with Barry Andrews and another negotitiated the MUR fiasco that left everybody out of pocket.

Dave Downham, Manager

Not a top "A" grade in English, then?

Uma Patel, Community pharmacist

Sue will be missed. With a weak hand she has played the best possible game of poker with the DoH

Dave Downham, Manager

To keep the poker analogy, does this mean that PSNC has folded?

A Hussain, Senior Management

I think she has been decent of late, but not understanding that the DH were never her mates was a big mistake that we are all paying for.  Being decent unfortunately doesn't get you anywhere when it comes to negotiating.  She continues to almost apologise for taking the DH to court as a last resort when it was 100% the right thing to do.  If the DH thought that there was a possibility of that happening in the first place then we might not have been royally shafted as we have been. 

Ahmed :-), Community pharmacist

Let's get someone better in

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