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PSNC 'nowhere near' 2015-16 funding settlement

A new funding settlement is "still possible" by April 2015, says PSNC chief executive Sue Sharpe

It is "still possible" for the next settlement to be agreed by the target of April 2015, PSNC chief executive Sue Sharpe says, but the negotiator has given no timetable

PSNC is "nowhere near" agreeing a funding settlement for 2015-16, the negotiating body has admitted.


PSNC did not provide a timeframe for when it expected negotiations to be completed, but chief executive Sue Sharpe told C+D it was "still possible" a settlement would be agreed by its target of April 2015.


The negotiator had "pushed" for alignment of the pharmacy and GP contracts and NHS England had agreed that "we really need to move towards alignment", Ms Sharpe said at the launch of a community pharmacy "manifesto" in parliament on Wednesday (December 3). 


Aligning the contracts was a "vital building block" for integrating the two professions and should be "implemented as soon as possible", she said.


One of the "major obstacles" to GPs engaging with the sector was their fear that they would lose income as a result of pharmacists expanding their range of services, Ms Sharpe said. But losing money was "not in the frame" as pharmacists were focused on "using their workforce more productively at all levels", she stressed.


In October, C+D learned that PSNC had walked out of contract negotiations for the delayed 2014-15 funding settlement when NHS England had called for pharmacists to carry out domiciliary MURs without extra funding.


The same month, primary care organisation NHS Alliance said linking the pharmacy and GP contracts was "inevitable" as primary care needed funding streams that encouraged people to work together.


What would you like to see in the next funding settlement? 

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Yo Palumeri, Community pharmacist

ok guys what are YOU prepared to do to get a better deal?

Prafulkumar Soneji, Locum pharmacist

Jennifer: Please have the dates displayed the "UK way" i.e. DD/MM/YYYY.

Jennifer Richardson, Editorial

Thanks Dave, Praful - we'll look into the date display.

SydBashford Sold&Retired&DeRegistered, Community pharmacist

"But losing money was "not in the frame" as pharmacists were focused on "using their workforce more productively at all levels", she stressed." Is this a hint that the PSNC are saying we will do the extra work we take on for nothing again?

Al Twigge, Community pharmacist

I totally agree, PSNC about to sell us down the river yet again....

Philip Caton, Community pharmacist

Until PSNC addresses the issue of discount clawback being totally out of kilter with reality and that wholesalers are regularly charging Cat M prices and thus pocketing the money that should be coming to pharmacies, then I'm afraid I can have no confidence whatsoever in this organisation. They are supposed to be getting us a good deal, not allowing us to be robbed by wholesalers and the government. I don't mind having margins squeezed in hard times but I object to losing money because the system doesn't take account of what is really going on. DT clawback should be applied at the rate the manufacturers declare. ( Come on, we have the technology now) 3.5% on spiriva inhalers from Boehringer when we get 9.5% clawed back due to script turnover! I bet the big boys don't get 3.5%, do you?? Hmmmmm. as for the wholesalers....just don't get me started!!!

Robert Rees, Manager

There job is to maximise our remuneration from government, but they aren't there to protect pharmacist being "robbed" by wholesalers. You'll have to do that yourself or join a buying group that tries to drive down prices.

Nailesh Patel, Community pharmacist

there is no point railing against the psnc. ...they simply do not care about what happens to independent pharmacy... this organisation has got its head so far up the DoH's bottom that the thay just cannot smell the coffee... no wonder they roll over and do what the Doh wants every single time NO matter what the consequences for independent pharmacy , financial or workloadwise Oh and should you meet the head of the psnc do NOT try and criticise the these mandarins living in their ivory towers YOU the independent pharmacist are talking rubbish....I should know it happened to me

Dave Downham, Manager

Hating the American dates. Is that to encourage comments from Walmart?

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

May be C&D is hinting at change of guard ??? to an American firm ??? Just guessing ;-)

Super Pharmacist, Community pharmacist


N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

All new website, like-dislike icons gone ?????

Clive Hodgson, Community pharmacist

Agree with N O Bring back the thumbs up/down please.

Jennifer Richardson, Editorial

Hi Clive, N O - thanks for the feedback - they have not been intentionally removed, it is a glitch in the change-over that we are trying to fix as quickly as possible.

Clive Hodgson, Community pharmacist

Working now.... Thanks.

Dave Downham, Manager

I think that PSNC should be judged on its promotion of the sector rather than whether it results in agreeing a reasonable settlement for the pharmacies it is purported to represent. I'm also sure that the community pharmacy manifesto won't end up as another policy paper that sits on the shelf.

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

""PSNC is "nowhere near" agreeing a funding settlement for 2015-16""

They were never on target in the past and will never be on target in the future. But, if you check, they must have got THEIR OWN PERSONAL FUNDING secured for at least for next FIVE YEARS !!!

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