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Government proposes 52 outstanding November concessionary prices

PSNC: We are also in dialogue with DH about concessionary prices for December
PSNC: We are also in dialogue with DH about concessionary prices for December

The government has proposed November concessionary prices for 52 out of the 67 outstanding requests from the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).

C+D reported earlier this month that contractors in England are “highly stressed” waiting for concessionary prices for several items, including levetiracetam, amlodipine and felodipine. Since then, pharmacy support group Numark has urged the government to take “immediate action” to agree concessionary prices for 60 generic items.

On Friday afternoon (December 8), PSNC said that – “following repeated pressure to the Department of Health (DH) – it had just “received a list of proposed concession prices for 52 of the 67 outstanding requests for November concessions”.

The negotiator announced today (December 11) that it has responded to the proposed prices, and will provide more details about them “as soon as we can”.

“[The] DH’s action in delaying many November concessions has caused massive concerns for contractors, as they will need to pay for November supplies at the end of December, and this will include many lines purchased at very high prices.”

PSNC is “pressing for confirmation of December concessions as soon as possible,” it added.

“We are also working to ensure that the DH understands the problems and risks if pharmacies are not able to obtain medicines for patients in a timely manner, and to press for better systems to address the impact of high price rises.”

Which concessionary prices are your waiting for?

Harvinder Singh, Community pharmacist

Would any other profession allow such a fiasco ? We have deadlines to honour with consequences yet the DoH are still thinking. I understand that the PSNC are trying but they have failed. There are times when sufficiently urgent intervention is necessary. We have our terms of service to fulfil. Is timely and appropriate remuneration not deserved ? Is this legal ? We already have approx 10% of drug prices deducted for assumed discount. I personally feel poorly represented and regret choosing this profession. 

Farhat Ahmed, Locum pharmacist

Are the PSNC or DH aware that we are in December???

Sunny Jim, Pharmacy Buyer

Fahrat.....these clowns get paid irrespective...due sharpe £144,000! 

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

So as ever the uncertainty continues. Contractors have no idea what they will be paid for items already supplied last month. Even more worrying with December being the key month we will have to wait until January to find out what price is agreed.

PSNC really need to up their game with this. Quite frankly having a simple and fair system to remunerate for drug costs is paragraph 1 line 1 in the negotiating handbook.

Z ZZzzzz, Information Technology

Don't you realise "Don't rock the boat" is paragraph 1, line 1 in the PSNC negotiating handbook.

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