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Racism in pharmacies survey: Tell C+D your experiences

The short survey has 13 questions on racial discrimination in pharmacies

C+D has launched a survey on racism in pharmacies, respond to get your voice heard

The short survey, which opens today (June 18) and will run for two weeks, aims to gather data from all ethnicities across pharmacy on their experiences of racism in the workplace.

The 13 questions cover discrimination from colleagues and patients, explicit abuse and career impact.

C+D editor Beth Kennedy said: “We’d like to hear from voices from all backgrounds in pharmacy on whether or not they’ve experienced racism at work.

“Now is the time for people to speak up about racial the discrimination they’ve suffered, incidents large and small, so we can raise awareness of the problems and take one step towards a more tolerant sector.”

The survey follows pharmacy bodies voicing their disappointment that a Public Health England review had “failed” to offer guidance on how to mitigate the higher COVID-19 risks for people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in early June.

Answer the survey anonymously here.

Have you responded to the survey?

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist


S J- Locum, Locum pharmacist

Although I have not worked in retail for 2 years, the reason I left was the discrimination I suffered from customers and at the hands of members of staff who were very clever and manipulative. The discrimination from staff is worse as we have to work with them whole day. The customers come and o and you can put it out of your mind. They abused their employee status to manipulate the area managers - even of ethnic origin - and put us in a bad 'light'. It is a no win situation. Multiples at head office need to undestand this and take staff most complaints against locums and members of staff of ethnic origin with a pinch of salt. There is an ulterior motive. A lot of the white staff are lazy and work shy. Waste most of the day doing nothing much but complaining. 

I suffered from PTSD. It is a most awful condition. You feel suicidal most of the time. I went through a prolonged psychotherapy before I got better. Because most pharmacists are of ethnic origin, I believe this is why the rate of pay is still low. Discrimination at the highest levels

I have friends who have been through and treated by staff similarly, yet are unable to complain for fear of losing future bookings

Oxfrdshire is renowned for racist attitudes. My colleagues of spanish, polish have also come across racism.

It is a waste of time believing it will improve in the near future

Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

If this is true, you should name and shame the company. No-one should be made to feel that way, not in the workplace or elsewhere.

However, to say that complaints against staff of ethnic minorities be taken with a pinch of salt in not right. The complaint may be rooted in fact and to dimiss it because of the persons race is, in itself, racism. Complaints should be investigated fairly regardless of race creed or colour. That may be where the process fails but to say a person should NOT be investigated because of the colour of their skin is wrong. 

'A lot of the white staff are lazy and work shy. Waste most of the day doing nothing much but complaining.' - be careful - this is a racist comment.

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