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RB: Nurofen survey shows Christmas stress can cause headaches


A Nurofen-funded survey has suggested that stresses during the Christmas season can cause headaches, according to manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser (RB).

The OnePoll survey – which had 2,000 respondents and ran throughout October – indicated that “social commitments, entertaining and online shopping are among the leading causes of headache in the pre-holiday season”, RB said this month (December 4).

Headache triggers that are difficult to avoid during the festive period include dehydration, noise and a lack of sleep, RB said.

The survey showed that 49% of respondents had a headache in the last year, while around 20% reported migraines, yet 47% adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach over treatment, RB continued.

Fin McCaul, director of Prestwich Pharmacy in Manchester, said: “I see a spike in the number of people suffering over the festive period.

“Often by the time people come to the pharmacy, it’s when they are really suffering.”

RB highlighted its Nurofen Express Liquid capsules, which it claimed provide faster relief for headaches than standard paracetamol.

For more information on Nurofen products, visit the brand’s website

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