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Readers rank job satisfaction over salary, C+D poll finds

Only 18% marked out pay as their main focus

Readers named feeling valued and having a work-life balance as the most important factors in their choice of job


Nearly two thirds of readers name job satisfaction as the factor they value most in an employer, a C+D survey has revealed.
Sixty-five per cent of 127 respondents to the poll (see below), which ran on the C+D website from September 10-17, said satisfaction at work – including “feeling valued and a work-life balance” – is the most important factor for them.
Only 18% rated “pay and benefits” as the quality they focus on when seeking employment.
C+D ran the poll alongside its Best Places to Work in Community Pharmacy 2015 initiative, for which it teamed up with independent analyst Best Companies Group to analyse employer policies and benefits, and survey employees on their experiences.
Across the five employers that made it into the C+D Best Places to Work 2015, an average of 77% of employees said they were satisfied with their role. In contrast, only 45% felt their pay was fair for the work they perform. 

"Unsurprising" results

Readers who spoke to C+D stressed that pay was not the most important consideration. Kent contractor Amish Patel said that a work-life balance is “most important”, while pharmacy manager Amanda Smith said there is “no point having lots of money but being miserable”.
Practice pharmacist James Andrews revealed he has “passed on three promotions as [it] would take away time with my family”.
Contractor Graham Phillips said the results are “unsurprising”. Pharmacists are health professionals and “altruism is a huge motivating factor”, he said.
Community pharmacist Stephen Eggleston said salaries become “less of a driver” as pharmacists continue with their career.
“Pharmacy needs all sorts of people. If everyone was simply motivated by money, there would be little innovation. Equally, if everyone was looking just for job satisfaction, some of the ‘worker-bee’ jobs would probably remain unfilled,” he added.
All five companies included in the C+D Best Places to Work 2015 met the independent benchmark of excellence set by Best Companies Group, which has been used in various sectors including law and insurance.

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Which of the following factors is most important to you in an employer?

65%    Job satisfaction, including feeling valued and work-life balance

18%    Pay and benefits

6%     Good culture and communication

5%     Training and development opportunities

3%     Your relationship with your line manager

2%     Strong leadership and planning

1%     Your working environment, such as privacy and safety 

What factors contribute most to your job satisfaction?

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M Yang, Community pharmacist

Of course, certain employers (the blue and white on the high street) don't want to hear about work life balance. Funny, I had this discussion today at a pharmacy I regularly locum for. For the multiples, anyone with a personality and interests outside of work is potentially not a timid dispensing drone and thus not as easy to manipulate. The irony is that those who are interesting, who have a life and are outgoing are the exact sort of people with the social skills ideally suited to being h/c professionals, yet this seems to be actively penalised in certain places of work. Is it not better to have a pharmacist who is socially adept, both for patients and colleagues?

Super Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Common sense would dictate what you said. Many Cos do not adhere to common sense!

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