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Community pharmacists have 'knowledge gaps' when joining GP practices

Matthew Boyd: Knowledge gaps are generally around how things work
Matthew Boyd: Knowledge gaps are generally around how things work

Community pharmacists moving into GP practices can have “knowledge gaps” around clinical systems, an academic has said.

Speaking exclusively to C+D after his session at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's annual conference in Birmingham last week (September 4), Matthew Boyd, researcher at the University of Nottingham, said the induction process for practice pharmacists “does take time”, as they have to get used to different IT systems.

“The knowledge gaps are generally around how things work,” Professor Boyd said. “A lot of it is localised stuff, that you would normally get when you go into any job. But there is quite a lot of it [in primary care].”

Pharmacists are moving from “community or hospital computer systems, and into primary care”, he explained. “They are very different.”

Professor Boyd used his session at the conference to present the evaluation of the GP pharmacy transformation pilot, which was rolled out to six sites in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire over 18 months.

The pilot aimed to “test whether the quality” of new models of care could be improved by using community pharmacy independent prescribers to help co-manage patients with long-term conditions and urgent care needs.

“There were a number of companies involved in this study. [Employing a practice pharmacist] worked very well for them,” Professor Boyd told C+D.

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Locum Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

So pharmacists do not know how things work in a new work environment. Lol

Mohammed Shaikh, Community pharmacist

Wow. Couldn't this be about any person learning a new system...?

I locum for community pharmacy as well as GP Practices and I've never had a problem using new systems like EMIS or Docman/Emis Documents etc (which isnt available for community pharmacists) Isn't it down to the individual personal factors (like computer fluency/how well they pick up new things/how well they grasp new systems/how well they remember to do new tasks) not down to your job title?


Jonny Johal, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

... is this his own 'research', was any graduate students involved? Clearly, this stuff is worth a doctorate.

Until now, I would never have guessed that we have knowledge gaps! Maybe his next project will be the study of knowledge gaps of academics.

Ilove Pharmacy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

His next project is figuring out where bears have bowel movements......

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

....and he is surprised??? this is research?   wow!! 

does he fancy walking into my dispensary and working without a briefing at least?

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