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Rishi Sunak gets flu jab at Yorkshire pharmacy

Mr Sunak had his flu jab done ahead of the busy winter period.
Mr Sunak had his flu jab done ahead of the busy winter period.

The chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak received his flu jab at Mills Pharmacy in Bedale, Yorkshire last week (September 11) to launch the 2020 vaccination service.

Mr Sunak, who is the son of a pharmacist and MP for Richmond in Yorkshire, received his annual flu vaccination at Mills pharmacy – part of the 70-strong Knights Pharmacy group.

The chancellor said he has a “great passion for community pharmacy” and the “ease of access it provides to our local communities”.

“I would like to encourage anyone who is eligible to get their jab,” he added.

Mills Pharmacy superintendent pharmacist Peter Horrocks said the flu virus can be “particularly harmful over the winter months,” and stressed how important it is that the “elderly and those who we deem as being of high clinical risk” receive their NHS vaccination every year.

“We would like to thank Rishi for taking time from his busy schedule to visit our pharmacy and highlight the importance of not only receiving the flu vaccine but doing it early before the busy winter period sets in,” Mr Horrocks added.

AIMp: Community pharmacy can offer more if supported

Leyla Hannbeck, chief executive of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) – the body that represents Knights Pharmacy – said the organisation is “pleased to see the chancellor receiving his flu jab in one of [its] members pharmacies and taking time to listen to the current challenges facing the sector, and how if appropriately supported community pharmacy can offer so much more to the NHS”.

This year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock have also made visits to AIMp member pharmacies, which Ms Hannbeck said represent a “great achievement and advocacy for community pharmacy”.

The community pharmacy flu vaccination service commenced on September 1, and pharmacy chains Boots and Lloydspharmacy opened their booking service over a month ago to accommodate for anticipated increase in demand due to COVID-19.

The PSNC announced yesterday (September 15) that pharmacy contractors in England will be paid a “combined value” of £10.08 per vaccination during the 2020-21 flu season only.

Have you administered many flu jabs so far this year?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Bet his GP is spitting feathers (although I would imagine he doesn't have one - private healthcare and all that....)

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

need more of this , top government need to see what we are up against on a daily basis , there's no hiding place for us ?

Brian Plainer, Locum pharmacist

Is that a special heavy duty MoD mask or something he's modeling - Definitely not one of the bobby dazzler beauties we're provided ?

Dave Downham, Manager


Private or NHS?

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

if private, I hope it cost him in the order of £350million

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