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Rowlands pharmacies revert to ‘manual systems’ as internet goes down

Rowlands: The number of branches affected is constantly changing

A number of Rowlands pharmacies are experiencing broadband issues and teams have been advised to “revert to manual systems” while the multiple rectifies the issue.

Rowlands first became aware of the broadband connectivity issue across some of its branches on Monday (November 18), after “changes to the BT lines which [we] use”, it told C+D yesterday.

“Different sites may be affected at different times, and their broadband connection reinstated at different times, so the number of branches without connectivity is constantly changing,” Rowlands added.

Affected branches have been contacted and advised on steps to help mitigate the impact on patients, including “reverting to manual systems and contacting their local surgeries so that arrangements can be put in place locally”, Rowlands explained.

“We are confident it will be sorted shortly,” the multiple stressed.

“Patients and our colleagues remain our priority as we work through this issue.”

Do you work for an affected Rowlands branch?

S J- Locum, Locum pharmacist


Paul doherty, Pharmacist Director

I hope this hasn't caused patients undue stress especially in regards to CPCS and SCR not being available at the affected stores.  I will be watching with interest to see whether affected stores operating CPCS have the service suspended by NHS England.

Sam Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Strange as they use to use Proscript and the BT N3. Sounds like someone has made a cost saving and it's backfired, as the rest of EMIS proscript customers aren't affected. Having no N3 when majority of scripts are electronic is a bit of a no no these days


Leon The Apothecary, Student

Yeah, it's why having secondary and tertiary access so important. Even hot-spotting a phone is an alternative.

Aldosterone antagonist, Locum pharmacist

Makes you think about RxWeb and cloud based systems, imagine having no internet....

MR Dissillutioned, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

You can set up a Virtual Private Network.

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