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RPS: Our care home campaign will benefit dementia patients

The Prime Minister released his strategy for dementia earlier this month (credit: Care Quality Commission, licence:

Pharmacists have a "huge role" in reviewing the medication of dementia patients in care homes, the RPS says


Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) plans to align one pharmacist with every care home will particularly benefit patients with dementia, it has predicted.

Following the release of the Prime Minister's strategy for tackling dementia in England, the RPS said giving pharmacists more responsibility in care homes would reduce inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs in dementia patients.

Spokesperson Neal Patel said pharmacists can work with GPs to make sure there is “active review” of prescribing decisions for these patients.

The RPS unveiled its plans to broaden the sector's role in care homes last month. The sector could save the NHS £135 million a year by optimising care home residents’ use of medicines and keeping them out of hospital, it said.

Mr Patel told C+D that the move would “support the 80% of care home residents who have a dementia diagnosis”.

“Community pharmacists have a huge role to play; we have advocated for all pharmacists to consider becoming 'dementia friends' to support those with a dementia diagnosis as well as their friends and family,” Mr Patel said. 

PM's dementia strategy

The Prime Minister launched his 2020 dementia challenge report earlier this month (March 6). It sets out more than 50 ways England can become a “world-leader” in dementia care. 

As part of the strategy, the Prime Minister plans to build "care-ready homes" designed for patients with long term conditions. These homes will sit within "care campuses", which will also house pharmacies.


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Brian Austen, Senior Management

Will this campaign go the same way as that for Carers. They were included in government NHS plans and pharmacies piloted a scheme, unfortunately the initial flurry of activity hasn't resulted in any substantial medium to long-term change. That's often how things happen in government/NHS once the publicity and hope wears thin.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

How about putting pharmacists in all pubs, restaurants, takeaways etc, etc. Any thoughts??? But then who will pay???

Mr Pharmacist!, Pharmaceutical Adviser

RPS....quicker it dies the better.  I think next year after the cuts kick in, nobody is gonna want to keep membership of this relic

Farm Assistant, Community pharmacist

Best solution would be to turn the RPS into a care home.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

It is already a care home, for themselves!!! LOL

Sami Khaderia, Non healthcare professional

BALKEET.....why are you concerned about pharmacy funding when you are a locum? Contractors will pay the least about of money they can get away with.......where was your payrise in the last ten years? Thast why the big four want to stay in the EU..- cheap source of labour..

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist


Just checking, what's the Real money cut made to the NHS?

Is the real reason why the RPS hasn't bothered to actively do anything about the cuts to pharmacy? as they are jockeying for positon in the future? Self interests first huh?

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