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The average salary of pharmacists at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well

Boots Lloyds Well Pharmacy salary
Boots non-manager pharmacists had the lowest salary out of the UK's largest three multiples

The average salary of “second or non-manager” pharmacists at Well is the highest of the UK’s three biggest multiples at £37,500, C+D’s Salary Survey 2019 has suggested.

The survey received data from 186 “second or non-manager” pharmacists at the UK’s three largest multiples – Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well – from October 1 until November 14.

The average salary of the 46 Lloydspharmacy non-manager pharmacists who responded to the survey was £37,010.

They were followed by the 114 non-manager pharmacists at Boots, who earned an average of £36,951.

This in contrast to the findings of the C+D Salary Survey 2018, which saw non-manager pharmacists at Lloydspharmacy earn the most, followed by Boots, with Well Pharmacy in third place.

The average pay of the non-manager pharmacists at all three companies is above the UK average for those in the position across community pharmacy as a whole, which was £36,768 in 2019, according to this year's C+D Salary Survey.

Use C+D’s interactive tool to compare bonuses, work-life balance, and stress levels of pharmacists at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well.

Well branch managers paid the most

The 26 Well Pharmacy branch managers who responded had the highest average salary, beating the other two multiples for the second year running, with £48,333.

The survey showed that the 53 Lloydspharmacy managers who responded earned an average of £44,764.

The 43 Boots managers who responded to the survey were paid an average of £43,895.

The C+D Salary Survey 2019 – the largest UK survey of community pharmacy, and the biggest in the survey's 12-year history – ran between October 1 and November 14 and was completed by a total of 2,556 pharmacists and pharmacy staff. C+D's ongoing coverage from the survey can be found on our dedicated hub.

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What is your salary?

C A, Community pharmacist

I had a colleague start for Boots about 10 years ago - on about £37k, so it's pretty stagnant then... 

Industry Pharmacist, Head/Senior Manager

Pathetic salary. So glad I'm out. I Joined industry three years ago and I'm on more than 2.5 times that average, and I only work 35 hours a week, with no weekends, and work from home.

C A, Community pharmacist

Two questions -

1) How'd you do it?

Asking for a friend. 

2) Should you not change your title to industrial pharmacist? 

Industry Pharmacist, Head/Senior Manager


I tried changing the title to industrial pharmacist but it keeps coming out with error.

In terms of how I did it, be brave and take the jump. I was simply not satisfied with a £45k salary and being abused by patients, employers and politicians.

Unfortunately getting into Industry is extremely difficult unless you have experience. So prepare to take a massive paycut at the start. I left a 45k salary to go to a 28k salary despite qualifying as an IP. But in the long term, it's insane. Some of my more senior colleagues are contracting at rates of £1000 per day; I've seen adverts for £1500 per day. Plus the job satisfaction is better, in my opinion.

Industry is becoming more competitive especially at entry level as they know more Pharmacists are qualifying and desperate to leave community. At Mid and Senior level, the sky is the limit. Timing is everything.

Need to know hourly rates for this survey to be useful, especially when trying to compare companies.

For example, 37.5k per year for a 9hr/day 5 day week would be about £16/hr but a 4 day week would be about £20/hr.

P T, Community pharmacist

Yes, an hourly rate would present a far more accurate picture. Also for more detail, how many years worked would be helpful. I wouldn't expect a newly qualified store manager to be earning as much as one with years of experience. 

C A, Community pharmacist

Yes - could C&D get an hourly rate for next year's survey? 

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

In community pharmacy experience is worth sweet FA.

C A, Community pharmacist

About the only thing is that it enables you to get bumps in pay at ASRs, whereas a new pharmacist will start at the bottom, and entry level salaries have been pretty stationary for the last 10 years. 

Sher Khan, Locum pharmacist


wonder what would happen to these poor salaries if they all handed in their notices .....


C A, Community pharmacist

Not much, the vacancies would be filled by starry eyed newly qualifieds, or Europeans brought in by the multiples. 

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

£37.5K better off being a train driver

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Much more difficult to become a train a driver. The recruitment is much more rigorous but then the pay is better, the perks are better, you are more respected by your employer and the general public and you have a tough union to bat for you if you run into difficulty. Now remind me why you would incur debt studying to become a pharmacist......

A.S. Singh, Community pharmacist

I doubt it's harder becoming a train driver than pharmacist 

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

I suggest you apply and see for yourself to get an idea of the competition if you can find any recruitment adverts. You could walk into a pharmacy tomorrow for any old insulting salary. And then watch your stress levels rocket and your mental health fall apart.

P T, Community pharmacist

It's harder in terms of how inclusive it is. For instance everyone moans about how much tube drivers earn but to they only hire internally which means you have to work your back off doing menial jobs and just hope you get picked. They get thousands of applications per post. 

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Menial tasks you say. Pharmacists do that for years with no payoff. Just gradual reduction in pay and increasingly dangerous workload...

C A, Community pharmacist

Pharmacists now work in a treacherous high risk environment, fraught with demanding customers, a frustrating level of support staff, while dealing with a perilous workload and an uncertain future.


Fixed it for you. 

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