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Sanofi reintroduces Syndol pain relief tablets after five years

syndol tablets

Sanofi has reintroduced its over-the-counter Syndol tablets for relieving tension headaches, migraines and muscle pain.

Sanofi reintroduced the tablets at the end of February, after a five-year absence, in response to “high customer demand”, it said.

The tablets “provide short-term relief from acute moderate pain when paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen alone are not enough”, Sanofi said.

Each tablet contains 10mg codeine phosphate, 5mg doxylamine succinate, 450mg paracetamol and 30mg caffeine, the manufacturer continued.

As codeine is addictive, Syndol can only be taken for three consecutive days, Sanofi advised.

One pack of 10 tablets retails at £3.79 and 30 tablets at £8.99.

To order, contact 0844 243 6661

Did you sell Syndol before its five-year absence?

We’re all doomed, Locum pharmacist

We have an opioid use problem and this product returns to add ‘conflict’. I recall declining a repeat sale for Nurofen Plus when I had my Pharmacy. Over the following 2 years I proceeded to see this Codeine tourist in 5 different pharmacies as a Locum. It was sufficient for him to see my face, smile and just walk away when he saw me pop up to deal with the request. 


Maria Carvalho, Manager

The only Syndol we have available is the similar to co-codamol.

Patients still remember tho old Syndol with a muscle relaxant very appreciated

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