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£7.5m government funding will support SCR rollout

Alistair Burt: "I encourage all community pharmacies to get involved"

Pharmacy minister Alistair Burt says it makes "complete sense" for HSCIC to use money to give all community pharmacists access to the summary care record

The £7.5 million in government funding earmarked for community pharmacy training will be spent on supporting access to the summary care record (SCR), the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has announced.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt pledged last week (June 19) that the money would be spent on "appropriate tools" for the sector, and HSCIC said today (June 23) that NHS England had commissioned it to provide all pharmacists and technicians with “secure, approved and monitored access to the SCR”.

Pharmacy minister Alistair Burt confirmed that “up to £7.5 million” would be invested in “giving community pharmacists the training and tools they need to access a patient’s SCR”.

It made “complete sense” to give pharmacists records access “where appropriate”, said Mr Burt. “I encourage all community pharmacists to get involved and further improve the care we can give people in their communities.”

HSCIC said SCR access would allow pharmacists to deliver “better informed and tailored care”, and it would begin implementing its plans in the autumn.

HSCIC also published details of its pilot, which granted SCR access to 140 pharmacies over five geographical areas between September 2014 and March 2015. Ninety-two per cent of patient encounters where the SCR was accessed had not required signposting to another NHS care setting, it said.


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Angela Channing, Community pharmacist

Oh please. We have spent billions of pounds transferring the printing of scripts from surgery to pharmacy, and it still doesn't work right! How on earth are we all going to be linked up to read SCRs? (I'm not very technically minded, so please tell me it will work and be easy!)

Actually Angela it's not that bad. A bit of paperwork to start off with to say that you'll not share info. with insurance companies or The Sun but once in place it seems to work (touch wood) and can save a lot of time and energy (and wasted phone calls)

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

it will be interesting to see how HSCIC do this, and how much of the money makes it from them to Community Pharmacy. They are supposed to support implementation of EPS but apart from inviting us to a GP meeting, that was it - "they havent got the manpower to support Pharmacy" lets hope that changes.

Many GP practices are now issuing 56 or more day repeats. Long duration repeat policies cut fees and allowances paid to pharmacies making them unviable. They also cause waste of NHS money. The govt needs to stop this before many businesses fail. PSNC must urgently address this!

Super Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Quote: PSNC must urgently address this! - Is it April fool's day?!

Gareth Rowe, Community pharmacist

Thank you Mr Burt for spending this money in England. As I understand it this is only happening in England and Wales is not included. Nice to know that you care about the health of the people in Wales who also vote in Westminster elections by the way. Scotland seem happy to try and do their own thing (very well relating to pharmacy by the way) but we in Wales are still much linked in with England, why not give us the same opportunity or a proportion of the money to do something else here??

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Don't you (I mean the Welsh Govt) already get the funding by means of free prescription charges? and some vague, FUNDED, pharmacy services EXCLUSIVELY for Welsh (which is paid from English budget) ??? And you still moan about not getting enough ?? So sad !!!

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Now that makes some sense. For all those who called us pessimists, please note, don't jump on to conclusions till the reason behind the funding is made clear.

This is to be welcomed, but it would be even better if hospital pharmacists could also have access - it would undoubtedly improve medicines reconciliation speed and quality

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Don't the hospital pharmacists already have an access to the SCR ??? If you are talking about giving them access when they do locum shifts in community, then don't call them Hospital Pharmacists. Just say all qualified practising pharmacists should be able to get the benefit of this scheme. Sounds right??

fair enough, but if you want to be pedantic, then I don't know of any "unqualified" practising pharmacists (so yah-boo-sucks to you). Yes most hospital pharmacists do have access but it varies from region to region and it would be nice to have universal access

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