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Sector struggling with information governance

Pharmacists are struggling to meet DH information governance requirements and need more support, industry leaders have said.All English pharmacies must complete a baseline assessment by March 31, with standards expected to improve by next year. But experts said the timeframe was too short and the process too complex.

Martin Strange, head of information governance at Lloydspharmacy, said while the multiple welcomed the initiative to raise standards across the country, it was concerned about the limited timeframe given for implementation. “We also believe that the tools provided to manage the process of declaring a baseline have made the process increasingly complex and time consuming,” he added.Pharmacy organisations including the RPSGB, NPA, Numark and Avicenna all said they had heard from pharmacists needing help with information governance. Mimi Lau, Numark’s director of professional services, said pharmacists were struggling to find time to meet the requirements with some even prepared to pay for someone else to do the work for them.

For C+D’s guide to information governance go here.

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