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Perrigo launches £1.3m Solpadeine marketing campaign

Perrigo launches £1.3m Solpadeine marketing campaign

Perrigo will roll out a £1.3 million marketing campaign to “encourage consumers to ask their pharmacist about Solpadeine”, the manufacturer has said.

The amount earmarked is the “highest brand investment for Solpadeine in four years”, Perrigo said.

The campaign will include digital advertising, posters and leaflets in GP surgeries – which have already been distributed – and TV adverts going live on June 11 and running until August, Perrigo said.

“The campaign explains how consumers might need to consider a visit to their pharmacist to explore treatments to manage their acute moderate pain effectively,” it added.

Perrigo senior marketing director Holly Turner said the “campaign will help sufferers understand that both their pharmacist and Solpadeine are there for them when regular forms of pain relief are not enough”.

A 32-tablet pack of Solpadeine Max Soluble retails at £7.69.

To order, contact 0800 1216 909

How often do you counsel patients about moderate pain treatment options?
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