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Stomach cramp sufferers unaware how to treat them, Buscopan Cramps survey suggests

Almost one in three people in the UK have experienced lower stomach cramps and pain as a result of feeling stressed or overwhelmed, according to a survey by Buscopan Cramps.

Despite this, many sufferers were unaware of how to treat their symptoms effectively, according to a spokesperson.

Over a quarter of those suffering cramps reported taking painkillers to help them, even though those might not address the underlying cause, the survey of 3,000 people found.

Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Healthcare brand manager Hazel Richards said the results showed that there was confusion around treatment of the condition.

"Given the confusion that exists among sufferers around how best to treat abdominal cramps, ensuring point of sale materials are located at the counter and front of store will help to facilitate a discussion around appropriate treatment options," she suggested.

This would also give pharmacists the opportunity to explain to their customers why antispasmodics might be more appropriate for patients, she added.  

The survey also investigated the common triggers of abdominal cramps, with a quarter of respondents saying they had experienced cramps after sampling exotic food on holiday and 23 per cent while travelling.

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