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Superdrug rolls out HIV self-testing kits across its 200 pharmacies

Superdrug's Michael Henry: Our nursing and pharmacist staff are on hand to answer questions
Superdrug's Michael Henry: Our nursing and pharmacist staff are on hand to answer questions

Superdrug has introduced £33.99 HIV self-testing kits in all its pharmacies across the UK.

While Lloydspharmacy offers the testing kits on its website, Superdrug has become the first major high street business to offer the kits in bricks-and-mortar pharmacies, it announced yesterday (August 8).

Superdrug healthcare director Michael Henry said the company is “delighted” to introduce the kits, from manufacturer BioSure, as “it is absolutely crucial that people know their [HIV] status”.

The test requires a small finger-prick amount of blood to detect the presence of HIV antibodies, and gives results in just 15 minutes, the manufacturer claimed.

Mr Henry added: “We do understand this can be a difficult time, [so] our nursing and pharmacist staff are always on hand to discuss any questions or concerns consumers may have around HIV.”

“More accessibility and choice”

Superdrug said it made the decision to offer the self-testing kits as part of its desire to “continually offer more accessibility and choice for customers”.

The move comes a year after Superdrug launched a generic emergency hormonal contraceptive, which the retailer said last month had helped it to survive the funding cuts in England.

“We pride ourselves in continuing to lead the way when it comes to healthcare on the high street,” Mr Henry said.

“Step forward in fight against disease”

GP and presenter Dr Pixie McKenna said: “While there is no cure, early diagnosis is key in terms of management.

“Encourag[ing] and empower[ing] patients to self-test for HIV is one further step forward in our fight against this disease.”

Would you consider stocking HIV self-testing kits in your pharmacy?
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