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Superdrug sells norethisterone for £29 as part of walk-in service

The Utovlan tablets are available in packs of 30, 60 or 90 in Superdrug pharmacies
The Utovlan tablets are available in packs of 30, 60 or 90 in Superdrug pharmacies

Superdrug is offering prescription-only medicine (POM) norethisterone from £29 as part of a pharmacy walk-in service, to “offer women more choice” when it comes to their periods.

Women aged 18 years and over are now able to buy Pfizer’s branded version of norethisterone, Utovlan, from any of Superdrug’s 205 pharmacies across the UK, the multiple announced on Wednesday (August 7).

Following a free consultation and questionnaire with a Superdrug pharmacist, women can buy a pack of 30 tablets for £29, 60 for £45 and 90 for £59.

The tablets are taken three times a day, with the first taken three days before the expected period begins. The period will then be delayed until three days after the final tablet, the multiple explained.

The pharmacist consultation includes a full medical history, reasons for supply and other relevant information, Superdrug told C+D.

Pharmacy staff also “keep accurate records and have a clear protocol” to ensure women are not bulk buying the pills, it added.

Superdrug healthcare director Michael Henry said making the tablets more widely available through its patient group direction service “allows women to make the choice easily and quickly should they choose to delay their period”.

Superdrug’s health ambassador Dr Pixie McKenna said patients should be advised to read the patient information leaflet before taking the medication.

What PGD services do you offer in your pharmacy?

Ashish Patel, Pharmacy owner/ Proprietor

£29 for £1.40 worth of tablets!!!!!! We have been offering this service for £12 for 30. I understand consultation fee needs to be added but it does seem excessive 

Not-So-Lucky Ex-Locum, Superintendent Pharmacist

And that, right there, is why they (and probably very soon all of the other multiples) are doing it. A nice £27.60 profit for no extra payout (or am I wrong in assuming the pharmacist gets precisely Sweet Fanny Adams out of this?)

Really? Wow, Superintendent Pharmacist

Or maybe you need to up your price? 

We need to think up, not down! 


C A, Community pharmacist

ASDA pharmacy offer a similar service

Asda Pharmacy have a walk in PGD too administered by resident pharmacists, so Superdrug are not a first mover in this vein (i’ll get my coat)

Greatly Pedantic and Highly Clueless, Senior Management

Patient with history of DVT fails to mention this to pharmacy when popping in for "period stopper". No fee lawyer appears in 5,4,3, 2,1 ...... after A&E admission.



ABC DEF, Primary care pharmacist

Why would one pay £30 when they are dished out for free by GPs?

Richard Binns, Primary care pharmacist

maybe the patients an obese smoker and the GP has declined on clinical grounds, so the patient nips to the pharmacy and tries to purchase

ABC DEF, Primary care pharmacist

In that circumstance the pharmacist prescriber should also decline it on clinical grounds, so it makes no difference.

Richard Binns, Primary care pharmacist

Im aware of that, just thinking about patient expectations regarding the service. 

Also without full access to medical notes, nothing to stop the patient fixing their answers to screening questions 

Ranjeev Patel, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Just like when you order codeine linctus online - "are you addicted to codeine yes/no?". Who is going to put yes?

Richard Binns, Primary care pharmacist

I have seen a patient have an embolism with norethisterone, I guess if they have obtained it through deciept the pharmacist cannot be held entirely accountable. But I would act with caution when offering this type of service all the same 

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