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Teva launches levothyroxine in exclusive new strengths


Teva has launched a reformulated version of levothyroxine, including two previously unavailable strengths of the generic.

Levothyroxine, which is authorised for the control of an underactive thyroid, and is now available in strengths of 12.5mcg and 75mcg tablets, Teva said last month.

This generic is also used to treat congenital hypothyroidism in infants and is lactose and galactose-free, meaning it is suitable for patients who are intolerant to these sugars, the manufacturer said.

Bruno Barcelos, senior director of generics at Teva, said the manufacturer is pleased to be adding the medicine to its range.

“The addition of the exclusive strengths – 12.5mcg and 75mcg – helps deliver on our commitment to addressing unmet patient needs,” Mr Barcelos said. “We hope it makes a positive impact on the lives of patients living with underactive thyroid issues.”

Packs of 28 levothyroxine tablets from Teva are also still available in strengths of 25mcg, 50mcg and 100mcg, it added.

To order, contact: 0800 085 8621

Will you find it helpful to dispense levothyroxine in these additional strengths?
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