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Thieves clean out safe in Staffordshire pharmacy

Staffordshire Police have warned anyone offered the stolen drugs to contact them

Staff at Siswick Pharmacy say they arrived at work to find the controlled drugs safe "completely emptied" after a night-time raid

Staff at a pharmacy in Tamworth have been left “shocked” after thieves raided their controlled drugs safe.

The burglars “completely emptied the safe” after they broke into Siswick Pharmacy on Masefield Drive on Monday (April 20), said a staff member who wished to remain anonymous.

Staffordshire Police said thieves had "forced their way into the pharmacy" just before 3.40am. As well as taking cash, the individuals “forcefully removed” the safe and stole a “large quantity” of controlled drugs, including Ritalin, diamorphine and morphine sulphate, police said on Tuesday (April 21).

The thieves also took prescription-only drugs including pain relief medication Butran and psychostimulants used for the treatment of ADHD, police added.

The anonymous staff member said the thieves had “not gone for anything in particular”.

Staff were “all very shocked” when they entered the pharmacy the following morning. They were still trying to estimate the cost of repairs, which was likely to be “a relatively large amount of money”, the staff member told C+D.

The burglary had caused disruption to customers as the pharmacy was not able to reopen until 11.30am, they added. “We put a notice up so a lot of people just expressed their sympathy through the window and came back later.” 

Staffordshire Police warned anyone offered the stolen drugs to alert them immediately on 101 and quote incident number 96 of April 20.

“These drugs are dangerous and should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor. Anyone who takes them is at risk of overdose and should contact an ambulance immediately if they feel unwell,” they added. 

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Has your pharmacy ever been burgled?

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Brian Austen, Senior Management

With all these successful break-ins and robberies should we be concerned at the standard of security in pharmacies? I have often thought that standards of security are not good enough. Please note this is not a comment about this specific pharmacy, which I do not know anything about.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

The best solution ......... have a security system attached to the CD cabinets, that will alert the police if any unauthorised attempt is made to open the safe atleast when the shop is shut. I don't want to claim any royalty if any company can try this in the market.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Most security systems do that as standard the second you walk in the door. Gas trips work a treat. Can't steal what you can't see.

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Funny thing is --- How do these thieves know where exactly is the CD cabinet and how quickly to un do the safe ???

David Moore, Locum pharmacist

Because CD cabinets all look the same. In my early days in pharmacy, all sorts of locked cupboards served, successfully, as CD cabinets. Then regulations came in to standardise them. Before, crooks had to search for the drugs cabinet. After, they went straight to the large white metal box on one of the walls.

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