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Video: APPG calls for ‘enormous pressure’ to be put on NHS England

Ahead of the launch of the all-party pharmacy group’s (APPG's) demands for the next government’s first 100 days in power, chair Kevin Barron MP (pictured) and vice-chair Oliver Colvile MP told C+D how politicians could make better use of the sector

The APPG manifesto for the new goverment, published yesterday (March 9), calls for the national commissioning of two more pharmacy services and the expansion of MURs and the new medicine service by August. It also urges the government to commit to giving all pharmacies read-write access to patient records by April 2017 and ensure dispensing errors were decriminalised by April 2016. Speaking to C+D last week, APPG chair Kevin Barron and vice-chair Oliver Colvile explained why NHS England could do far more to help pharmacy reach its full potential.




Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

Excellent stuff and very welcome except...... elsewhere, from the beeb "The starting gun has been fired on new NHS" and "Hospitals, GPs, community services and care homes are being brought together in England to provide more joined up care under a series of pilots" with absolutely no mention (surprise surprise) of Pharmacy. Looks like the boat has sailed and we missed it..............................again

Robin Conibere, Pharmacist

A couple of the 5YFV vanguard applications involve pharmacy Calderdale Health and Social Care Economy, West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd, Lakeside Surgeries see will be watching them eargerly!

Kevin Western, Community pharmacist

It is good to see two mentions of Pharmacy in the list of 30 groups who have reported, and to be fair there may be euphemisms being used to avoid the dreaded "P" word in others, but given the subject matter, the desperate need to do something different, our availability and skills it is fairly pathetic really.

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