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We'd struggle to reach 'excellent' rating again due to cuts

Martin Bennett: Excellence may have to take a back seat to survival

The managing director of the first pharmacy to be rated “excellent” by inspectors has said this may not be possible again following the funding cuts.

Wicker Pharmacy in Sheffield received the top rating from General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) inspectors in 2014 – one of only four known to have done so in three years.

But Martin Bennett said the cuts to funding in England mean the pharmacy would have “difficulty in repeating our success”.

“The biggest guarantee of being ‘excellent’ is having well-trained staff with sufficient time to do the job properly,” he told C+D. “Reduced funding will inevitably lead to reduced staff and a poorer service.”

“Excellence may have to take a back seat to survival in the coming months [and] years,” Mr Bennett added.

Last month, C+D revealed that just four out of 8,000 pharmacies inspected by the GPhC up to September 2016 have been rated as excellent. See the full results here.

Mr Bennett was speaking to C+D as part of a feature published today (May 4) on why so few pharmacies achieve the ‘excellent’ rating – and how they can work towards this. Read more of his comments in the full feature here.

What has your experience of GPhC inspections been?

Charles Whitfield Bott, Pharmacist Director

I rate my excellence by what my patients say, my script number increase and my bottom line. Dont care what rating the GPhC gives.

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Well, I think Mr B did very well with an excellent rating. Good for him.

Yuna Mason, Sales

Do you have a link to it? There was this article but it did not say which pharmacies

Yuna Mason, Sales

Which 4 pharmacies got excellent? Could the C and D find out from the GPhC?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

There was an article a few weeks back that had stated which ones.

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