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Well launches UK's first campus training pharmacy

Well CEO John Nuttall (far right) with Keele University pharmacy students

The multiple has funded an on-site pharmacy and "state-of-the-art" training suite, says CEO John Nuttall

Keele University students will become the first in the UK to train in a working pharmacy on their campus, as part of a £130,000 investment by Well.

The rebranded multiple – formerly the Co-operative Pharmacy – opened the £100,000 branch last week (August 17) to provide students with both health services and part-time work opportunities.

Well has also invested £30,000 in a “state-of-the-art” practice training suit at the university, which includes a mock dispensary and seven consultation rooms, the multiple said.

Students will receive “enhanced” clinical work experience placements at the 21 Well branches in the wider Stoke-on-Trent area, followed by “fast-track” employment opportunities within the multiple once they have qualified, Well added.

Keele University head of pharmacy Nigel Ratcliffe claimed the new branch is “the first campus-based pharmacy in the UK linked to a school of pharmacy”.  

“By offering practical experience to students, we are better placed to equip the next generation of pharmacists with both the knowledge and personal skills required for the changing role of pharmacy. We are very pleased to be working with Well on this exciting development,” Professor Ratcliffe said.

Well said the pharmacy has created 10 new jobs, and is expected to serve 10,000 patients a year from the university campus and the local community.

The company’s “major investment” at the university forms part of the multiple’s plans to expand the business over the next five years and relieve pressure on the NHS, said Well CEO John Nuttall.

“We have worked closely with the university’s pharmacy school to create an outstanding new facility that will equip students with the knowledge and skills essential for a successful career,” he added.

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Brian Austen, Senior Management

This is a very good investment by Well. Can you think of a better way of influencing students to choose Well when seeking jobs in the future. I'm not saying its a bad thing, it will obviously benefit students and nobody else has taken the opportunity to invest in university facilities in this way. It is a branded facility and therefore a great way of advertising Well Pharmacy to all students attending university.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Because students shouldn't have an unbiased choice when it comes to choosing a company to work for after they qualify and should be bottlenecked into a single way of working.

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