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Welsh pharmacies to be paid £11.83 per flu jab for 2020/21 season

The fee increase is to take into consideration COVID-19-related workload
The fee increase is to take into consideration COVID-19-related workload

Welsh pharmacies will be paid a total of £11.83 per flu vaccination during the 2020-21 season, Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) has announced.

Following negotiations between CPW and the Welsh government, an uplift of £1.75 per vaccination has been agreed for the 2020-21 season, to reflect the “additional workload associated” with providing the service during the COVID-19 pandemic, CPW said earlier this week (September 16)

This year, the NHS flu vaccination programme has been expanded to cover more patient groups than previous seasons – including patients over the age of 50, adult residents in Welsh prisons, and household contacts of those on the NHS shielded patient list.

The total amount payable to  pharmacies in Wales per flu vaccination is £1.75 more than pharmacy contractors in England will receive. Although an uplift of 50p has been negotiated for English pharmacies this flu season, the total “combined value” to be paid per vaccination is £10.08, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee announced last week (September 11.

CPW: Flu vaccination service “more complex” this season

CPW chief executive Russell Goodway told C+D earlier this week (September 16) that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the flu vaccination service would be “more complex, more time consuming and, consequently, more expensive for contractors to deliver”.

The fee uplift will make sure pharmacies can work with other flu vaccine providers so that all those who need a jab can get one, Mr Goodway added.

Pharmacy teams “eager” to launch the service

Pete Horrocks, superintendent pharmacist at the 70-strong Knights Pharmacy that has five branches in north Wales, said he is “grateful that CPW has negotiated a fair uplift to this year’s flu vaccination service”.

The increased fee “takes into account not only the additional COVID-19 challenges” that pharmacies face, but also the “importance of the service” for patients, he added.

“Patient group directives in Wales have been a little delayed compared to England so we are eager to get the service launched – many of our patients are requesting this now,” Mr Horrocks said.

What do you make of the uplift?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Ah, the Disunited Kingdom Devolved Health service strikes again. There is no such thing as the NATIONAL health service. It has become a very much regional health service with England firmly at the bottom of the pile.

Adam Hall, Community pharmacist

Yet again, a devolved health service proves they value pharmacy more than it is in England.

PARESH shah, Community pharmacist

Really the workload is much more time consuming to maintain a covid free environment with extra cleaning between each immunisation. and not to forget the cleaning costs. with extra staff time needed to check covid status and check temperatures the amount paid in England does not cover for this service. You cannot cut corners and put patients and more importantly your staff at risk.



Peed Off Superintendent, Superintendent Pharmacist

Wales got rid of PSNC because they were crap at negotiating and a waste of contractors fees. They then used the contractor fee to form CPW who are great at negotiating. About time contractors in England woke up and did the same instead of paying money for a useless negotiator.

Andrew Duckenfield, Superintendent Pharmacist

Puts PSNC's stunning English negotiating performance into context! Still, we are used to this by now. Didn't I read that RoI pharmacies get €20 per vaccine and their Government provide the stock too? The massive £10.08 includes a sum (50p) from the transition fund, which I think was money that was to be paid to us anyway in one way or another: really well done PSNC! Time for the PSNC negotiating team to kick back, relax and reflect in the glow of another of their many successes.

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