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Will Boots or Well bid for any Lloyds branches?

Boots will not comment on "market speculation"

C+D has asked both companies about the likelihood they would make an offer for any branches Lloyds is forced to jettison in Sainsbury's deal


Health and beauty giant Boots has been tight-lipped about whether it will bid for any Lloydspharmacy branches that the multiple is forced to sell by the competition watchdog.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) identified 13 areas across England and Wales (see below) last month where the multiple's planned buyout of Sainsbury's pharmacy business could result in a “substantial lessening of competition” for patients. 

The CMA's final ruling is expected in June, and could result in Lloydspharmacy having to sell one of more branches in each of the areas.

When asked by C+D last week (May 9) whether it would consider bidding for any of the branches that may come up for sale, Boots said it would not comment on “market speculation”.

"A case-by-case basis"

Other chains approached by C+D about the deal have also not confirmed whether they would consider bidding for any of the branches.

Well told C+D that it is not currently looking at the opportunity, but stressed that it considers deals of this nature “on a case-by-case basis”.

Mayberry Pharmacy, a six-branch chain in South Wales, told C+D it has not yet considered bidding for any Lloydspharmacy branches that may be sold in Cardiff.

Is your pharmacy in one of the affected areas?

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PARESH shah, Community pharmacist

These pharmacies should only be sold to individual pharmacists who ,do not own a pharmacy. This is a good opportunity to bring in new contractors without increasing pharmacy numbers. It will never happen.

Brian Austen, Senior Management

Paresh, what an excellent suggestion to have a Pharmacist first-time buyer rule to support competition.

Super Pharmacist, Community pharmacist


R A, Community pharmacist

I seem to recall Day Lewis being very interested whats happened with that?

Alan Whitemann, Communications

Whether its Boots, Lloyds or Day Lewis - theyr'e all a bad bunch . Feel sorry for workers. Best get out to job where's there less KPI's.

Daniel Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

What a non-story this is! Must be a quiet news day.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

The competition authorities think that competition is healthy and yet His Royal Excellency, "The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Engand" thinks that 3000 pharmacies should sut and local monopolies granted to the multiples.


I know who I trust in this matter. Shameful shameful pension watching jobsworths at the DoH who know ZERO about community practice or about patient care.

Chris ., Community pharmacist

Rivetting read.

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