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Well Pharmacy 'hasn't decided' whether to charge for home deliveries

Well Pharmacy: We are still very much at a planning and discovery phase
Well Pharmacy: We are still very much at a planning and discovery phase

Well Pharmacy "hasn't come to a decision yet” on the direction of its medicines delivery service, including whether it will follow in Lloydspharmacy's footsteps and start charging patients.

Lloydspharmacy announced on Monday (November 21) that “over the next few weeks” it will start charging new patients for medicines deliveries: £35 for a six-month subscription to the service and £60 for the 12-month subscription.

The multiple is also “planning a pilot for charging all customers” for deliveries, it added.

When asked whether it would follow suit, Well Pharmacy home delivery service general manager Rob Davidson told C+D: “Our home delivery team are currently working with our new start-up digital team to explore how we can give our customers the best and most convenient service possible through our delivery network.”

“We are still very much at a planning and discovery phase,” he added. “We haven’t come to a decision yet on what that means for the future of the service.”

Rowlands “reviewing situation”

When asked the same question, Rowlands told C+D it has “no immediate plans to introduce charges for deliveries to customers”.

However, the multiple said it “will carefully review the situation over the coming months”.

A spokesperson for Boots said it “would not comment on commercial speculation”.

“We constantly review our services. We openly announce any changes as we implement them,” Boots added.

Day Lewis declined to comment on its medicine deliveries plans.


Will your pharmacy follow Lloydspharmacy's lead and start charging patients for home deliveries?
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Will your pharmacy follow Lloydspharmacy's lead and start charging patients for home deliveries?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Very few chemists will charge for delivery as same old competition scenario lolx

Jonny Johal, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

John is quite right, this is a pointless article, and it is shameful that the C&D actually give space to this item. It is obviously a commercially sensitive decision, This is obviously a feeble attempt by Wells to stir up some sort of a 'cartel' and tempt contractors into charging together (safety in numbers, whoever introduces a delivery charge first will suffer).

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Jonny the point to note is that Lloyds, Boots, Well etc will always offer free delivery. Independents will have to match that somehow. Free delivery will be for a mail order, no frills service where the labour costs are less than 25p an item.

John Cleese, Production & Technical

Bit of a pointless article.

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Not pointless at all. Vital. This gives you a sign as to the new world for community pharmacy. Order your Rx online for free delivery and a nice box will arrive 5 days later. Don't bother asking for advice or signposting or general health information. The Government wants a 50p per item supply only service and voila here we go. Free delivery and easy ordering is what a lot of patients will want and they will get it. 

John Cleese, Production & Technical

I meant this *article* is pointless. Is it newsworthy that a company hasn't made a decision about something?

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

It's very simple but you won't hear any company say so. Pharmacy is moving to a "no-frills" model - call it Amazon model if you like. All companies will offer free delivery if patients move to this model and charge for in-store deliveries as this doesn't fit the no-frills hub only (mail order) model. Companies that have not finalised their no-frills / MO model will stay as they until they do. We will see a swift transition to MO in the next 6 months I'm sure. Bit by bit the government is getting what they want. Dispensing services at the lowest possible rate. 

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