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Working conditions' impact on patient safety under investigation

Practice The effect of community pharmacists' working conditions on patient safety is being investigated by academics, who are inviting pharmacists who qualified between 2007 and 2012 to complete a questionnaire

Academics are investigating the effect of community pharmacists' working conditions on patient safety.

Researchers at the Centre of Pharmacy Workforce Studies at the University of Manchester will study how pharmacists become safe practitioners and the factors that influence their development during their first few years of qualifying.

The researchers, funded by charity Pharmacy Research UK, have invited pharmacists who qualified between 2007 and 2012 to complete an anonymous 20-minute questionnaire by visiting Manchester Pharmacy School's website.

Existing research showed the number of staff in the dispensary, the type of dispensary system and the length of time the pharmacist had been practising could all contribute to whether mistakes were made in the pharmacy, the researchers said.

How recently qualified community pharmacists learn to manage the pressures they experience at work needs investigating, said researchers at the Centre of Pharmacy Workforce Studies

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"The question of how community pharmacists who have recently qualified learn to manage the pressures they experience at work... is therefore one that needs investigating," they said, adding that the results of the study would help ensure patient safety and reinforce "the foundations of professionalism".

Last year, the C+D Salary Survey 2012 found that 44 per cent of employee pharmacists felt that workplace pressures had affected the service they provided to patients, compared with 41 per cent in 2011.

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How did working conditions in your early years affect your development as a pharmacist?

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Yo Palumeri, Community pharmacist

open ended demand, Workplaces design even two years ago are out of date. Little relaible resources to allow proper 5 year planning.
Short termism driven by CAT M. Government who ignores and underfunds the first point of call for the NHS etc etc
and yet still Pharmacists have not been prosecuted for killing patients unlike other professions.

John Randell, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

clutter will only lead to a mack-up.....

Leon The Apothecary, Student

In regards to newly qualified pharmacists - with experience comes the ability to cope with risk factors such as working conditions. Perhaps this is the wrong approach to theorising a solution?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Working conditions have an impact on patient safety is indisputable to me. When you see some pharmacies working in an area that is way too small, where dispensers don't have the appropriate space to assemble and pharmacists are squeezed to have a space to check naturally this is going to increase the risk of an error being made.

Calum Nelson, Locum pharmacist

The link to the study doesn't work :(

James Waldron, Editorial

Hi Calum,

Thanks for pointing this out. The link was working last week, but we'll replace it with an alternative one as soon as we find it.

James Waldron
C+D Reporter

James Waldron, Editorial

The researchers have closed the survey as they have received enough participants.

James Waldron
C+D Reporter

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