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Acupressure insomnia device claims 75 per cent efficacy

Medical supplier Scrubs Etc has launched an insomnia control device based on the principle of acupressure.

The H7 Insomnia Control device, which works by gently massaging the insomnia pressure point on the wrist until the user falls asleep, came onto the market last month. Scrubs Etc said the class 1 medical device had been “clinically tested” to control insomnia, with proven efficacy for 75 per cent of users.

The company said users typically noticed an improvement in their sleep pattern within two weeks, by placing the device on both wrists 30 minutes before bed. The device should be used for 10 consecutive nights initially, and then on alternate nights “until the desired results are obtained”.

Scrubs Etc stressed that H7 Insomnia Control was a non-invasive, non-addictive treatment that did not interfere with other medication.

The device has a recommended retail price of £9.90.

Contact Scrubs Etc on 020 7060 9189

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