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Xrayser: Pens at the ready

Are you a spring chicken? Take Xrayer's Easter exam to find out

The Easter break is over, you've gorged yourself on chocolate and the kids are back to school soon. So to lighten the mood here's a little spring quiz.


It's the start of a new financial year and you have only six months before the pharmacy cuts begin. Do you:

  1. Plan how to increase your MUR numbers to make up the shortfall.
  2. Plan how to reduce your staffing to make up the shortfall.
  3. Plan how to increase your buying margins to make up the shortfall.
  4. Plan a career change.


You get the letter telling you the inspectors are coming in the next six weeks. Do you:

  1. Have a staff meeting to prepare for the show & tell.
  2. Have a staff meeting to decide who can't come to work until it's over.
  3. Book a locum for six weeks and leave the country.
  4. Try to sell your business in six weeks.


The NPA sends out yet another email about the “Support Your Pharmacist” campaign. Do you:

  1. Dress a staff member in a sash and dedicated t-shirt to get signatures from customers and anyone who passes by.
  2. Print 100 pages and leave them at the prescription desk so patients sign them along with their exemption declaration.
  3. Print 100 pages and pay your Saturday staff to sign them all in different handwriting.
  4. Press “Delete” and go back to Facebook


A patient brings back a dispensing error. Do you:

  1. Apologise, proffer the complaints procedure, and initiate a Serious Event Analysis.
  2. Apologise, take all their details and promise it will never happen again.
  3. Apologise, take details, then after they've gone shred the evidence.
  4. Blame the locum.


You receive an invitation to renew your flu vaccination skills. Do you:

  1. Willingly jump at the chance to be ahead of the game.
  2. Wait to see if your boss requires it.
  3. Wait to see if NHS England commissions it.
  4. Ignore it – no one checks anyway!


Your pharmacy decides to install a robot dispenser. Do you:

  1. Feel excited about being at the vanguard of modern dispensing.
  2. Feel relieved there’s no robot pharmacists. Yet.
  3. Feel excited about an excuse to sack the dispensers you don’t like.
  4. Feel relieved that the number of harassment cases against you may reduce.



Mostly A: You are a young, keen, newly registered pharmacist with your whole career ahead of you -  if you survive the challenges.

Mostly B: You are an experienced and worldly-wise employee with a promotion path ahead of you - if you survive the company changes.

Mostly C: You’re an experienced owner-proprietor with a comfortable future ahead of you if you survive the cuts.

Mostly D: Don’t know who you are or what you’ve got ahead of you, but somehow you’ll probably manage to survive both the cuts and fitness-to-practice hearing!


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Leon The Apothecary, Student

Ah Robot Dispensers. I should feel threatened by them...but I'm a deft hand at computers as well, so I think things will work out okay.

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