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Angular stomatitis

Angular stomatitis
Picture quiz A customer complains that the edge of their mouth has become sore and cracked
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A customer comes in complaining that they have noticed that the edge of their mouth has become sore and cracked over the past day or two. They want to know what they can do.


1. This is a common condition which causes fissures to form at the corner of the mouth.

True or false? 

2. Secondary bacterial or fungal infection is rare.

True or false? 

3. As the skin is more likely to crack when dry licking is to be encouraged.

True or false? 

4. This condition is more common in people with dentures.

True or false? 

5. Barrier ointments are the main treatment and need to be applied very frequently.

True or false?    


1. True: Fissuring with associated erythema extending onto the skin and lips. 2. False: Secondary infection, especially fungal, is common and antifungal creams will often help. 3. False: The irritant effect of saliva and its constituents is the main cause of the condition. 4. True: The condition is common in the elderly especially those without their own teeth. 5. True: Frequent application every half an hour is to be encouraged.

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Dr Nigel Stollery is a GP in Kibworth, Leicestershire and clinical assistant in dermatology at Leicester Royal Infirmary

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