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What do you know about ichthyosis vulgaris?

What do you know about ichthyosis vulgaris?
Picture quiz How good is your knowledge of the symptoms and treatment of ichthyosis vulgaris?
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This man has a lifelong history of very dry scaly skin all over his body. The condition is ichthyosis vulgaris.


1. This condition is very rare only affecting one in every 100,000 people. True or false?

2. The cause is a viral infection caught by contact with infected individuals. True or false?

3. It causes dryness of the skin, which first develops in childhood. True or false?

4. Fifty per cent of those with ichthyosis vulgaris will also have some type of atopic disease such as eczema, asthma or hayfever. True or false?

5. Treatments rely on potent topical steroids to reduce the thickness of the affected skin. True or false?


1. False: False: Ichthyosis, the commonest type; it affects one in 250 people.

2. False: It is an autosomal dominant inherited condition that runs in families.

3. True: Its symptoms are usually first noticed between three months and five years of age.

4. True

5. False: Topical steroids are only useful to help pruritis associated with the condition. Retinoid may be helpful with emollients.

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