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E.g., 19/10/2018
E.g., 19/10/2018
The number of EEA pharmacists joining the register has fallen starkly in recent months
On the morning of June 24, 2016, thousands of European community pharmacists across the UK awoke to a radically altered political landscape. The...
18/10/2018 4
Would a move towards the French model of community pharmacy be good for the UK sector?
Since his appointment in July, when he replaced Jeremy Hunt as health secretary, Matt Hancock has rarely spoken about community pharmacy, and even...
17/10/2018 3
Helen Pinney is senior pharmacy technician for the Argyle Health Group
To celebrate Pharmacy Technician Day (October 16), C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart spoke to Helen Pinney, senior pharmacy technician for the...
16/10/2018 1
You are aware a prospective pharmacy technician has a condition that causes severe vision problems
You have been interviewing candidates for a pharmacy technician post, and have a shortlist of two individuals. During their interview, one candidate...
11/10/2018 5
Since 2005 the community pharmacy landscape has changed dramatically for the big supermarkets
The entire community pharmacy sector is paying a heavy price for the government’s decision to cut its funding in England by 12% in December 2016....
08/10/2018 4
In October 2017, Lloydspharmacy’s parent company Celesio UK made the seismic announcement that it would cease trading in “around 190” pharmacies in...
27/09/2018 3
Khalid Ahmed (left), pictured with musician H-Dhami, uses the same skills in pharmacy and music
By day, Khalid Ahmed is in the dispensary. At night, he is in the DJ booth. He tells C+D that his unusual dual career – of pharmacist, DJ and music...
21/09/2018 3
Lloydspharmacy suspended its NHS flu service for a day this week
On February 5, NHS England and Public Health England outlined in a letter to GPs and community pharmacies new guidance for the upcoming flu season....
20/09/2018 6
“These terms have a corroding effect on political discourse”
What’s in a name? Quite a lot, judging by the outrage of some community pharmacists when they see the phrase “clinical pharmacist” being used to...
19/09/2018 0
C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart (left), with the speakers at the London careers event
RPS president: “Anyone can do my job” Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) president Ash Soni told the room that “any one of you could do what I do...
17/09/2018 1