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E.g., 19/11/2017
E.g., 19/11/2017
Tees LPC chief officer Sandie Hall collects the C+D Training and Development Award
In 2015, the community pharmacists at Tees local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) faced a major problem: the local authority's public health team had...
15/11/2017 1
Caerphilly pharmacist Elin Hooper collects the C+D Award on behalf of Mayberry Pharmacy
In the digital age, it’s no longer enough for community pharmacies to just put up a few posters or point-of-sale leaflets and expect the general...
09/11/2017 0
You suspect that something has happened in your dispensary assistant’s personal life. You know her to be quite a private person, but recently she has...
08/11/2017 2
Mentoring can be offered as an opportunity after career junctions ­– for example, during a pre-registration year, after joining the register, or...
03/11/2017 8
HR dilemma
Your pharmacy has just been through a tough time financially. While you now have it under control and cashflow for the future is looking OK, this...
31/10/2017 3
You should recommend that patients don't remain in bed if they can't sleep
A bad night’s sleep can ruin anyone’s day, and leave many of us feeling groggy or irritable. So when a patient recently asked to buy some sleeping...
25/10/2017 1
Harvinder Mann: Pre-regs can pick up leadership skills from tutors and teams
Leadership skills are "something we don't place an emphasis on during the pre-reg year, because we are so focused on the clinical [aspects],...
24/10/2017 2
HMRC issues tax returns every year to self-employed pharmacists
Under the self-assessment regime, certain individuals are responsible for ensuring the amount of tax they must pay is calculated and paid on time....
20/10/2017 4
APTUK's Tess Fenn: It's fantastic that new roles are being developed for pharmacy technicians
Last month, C+D revealed that a Department of Health programme board is considering plans to allow pharmacy technicians to legally supervise the...
17/10/2017 5
October sees a big push to help people to stop smoking
Over seven million adults in England are still smoking, and the toll it takes is severe. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics...
11/10/2017 0


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