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E.g., 28/01/2020
E.g., 28/01/2020
Left to right: Abbey Chemist pharmacy technician Peter Finlayson, dispenser Anne Woods, pharmacy manager Abdal Alvi, counter assistant Jean McGovern, nurse Jacqueline Rolland
Drug deaths in England and Wales reached a worrying high in 2018, with the Office for National Statistics reporting 2,917 deaths from drug misuse....
23/01/2020 2
The redesign of Nathan Raymond's pharmacy has boosted dispensing volume
Just five minutes’ walk from scenic Pembroke Castle is Mendus Pharmacy. Situated on the main street of the historic town of Pembroke in south west...
22/01/2020 1
The DH recorded 178 medicine shortages in England from January – November 2019
Medicine shortages have been an everyday issue for community pharmacy professionals for years. Spending time hunting for items by calling...
17/01/2020 5
Superintendent pharmacist Emily Howlett has "amazing" input into GP prescribing
As my taxi pulls into a car park in a countryside village on a chilly November day, a large object assures me I’m in the right place. It’s a six-foot...
16/01/2020 3
Mark Donaghy (far right) and the Kamsons pre-reg cohort
With increasing opportunities for pharmacists to work in different settings, such as GP surgeries and care homes, community pharmacies are “crying...
09/01/2020 3
Some 87% of contractors said they would not recommend pharmacy as a career
With a new funding contract, rising medicine shortages and more pressure to offer services, the landscape of pharmacy has shifted over the past 12...
20/12/2019 10
Left to right: Eoghan O'Brien; pharmacist Diarmaid Graham; pre-registration pharmacist Andrew Dempster; pharmacy student Shania O’Boyle; counter assistant Louise McErlean; pharmacy student Catherine Carey
Community pharmacies can make a difference to national health problems when given the appropriate funding and responsibility. Bannside Pharmacy in...
19/12/2019 4
Some 72% of contractors reduced their own pay over the last year
Contractors took measures ranging from closing or selling a pharmacy (13% of respondents) to withholding staff pay rises (61%) this year to help...
16/12/2019 1
Bernadette Brown: Pharmacy needs to embrace the changing desires of the public
Community pharmacies can struggle to find the time to deliver additional services. Without extra funding, how can they manage a rising number of...
13/12/2019 6
The survey was completed by 330 employee pharmacists working at the three largest multiples
For this interactive data tool, C+D analysed the results of the 330 branch managers and second or non-manager pharmacists working at Boots,...
12/12/2019 0