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E.g., 19/04/2021
E.g., 19/04/2021
The Lancet: The number of stillbirths at one London hospital shot up during the pandemic
As COVID-19 cases drop and lockdown eases, the UK may face a wider healthcare crisis. Over the past year, pharmacies, GP surgeries and hospitals...
16/04/2021 1
Elsy Gomez Campos says when she first moved to the UK, she came across challenges that could have “potentially destroyed me as a person and destroyed...
14/04/2021 0
Rishi Bhatia: "Care homes were crying out for PPE"
One year ago, as COVID-19 swept the UK, healthcare organisations were desperate for personal protective equipment (PPE). Face masks, aprons and...
12/04/2021 0
Pharmacies are limited to providing four boxes of test kits per transaction
The NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service – Pharmacy Collect – allows asymptomatic patients to collect testing...
09/04/2021 3
Yasmine Haq has worked in pharmacies since the age of 16
Many pharmacy students go straight from sixth form to university without taking a breath in between. But Yasmine Haq, a provisionally registered...
07/04/2021 2
Pharmacy teams provided much needed support and advice for patients during the pandemic
Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are no strangers to hard work, but when COVID-19 hit the UK in March 2020, community pharmacy was thrust into...
07/04/2021 0
The Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 made institutions around the world question what they need to do to tackle racism. Part of the UK government’...
31/03/2021 0
Zeshan Rehmani approaching Chtaura, Lebanon on the border of Syria this year
Most people would be content with raising a few hundred pounds for charity. But a contractor based in Manchester has taken personal fundraising to...
26/03/2021 0
Naimah Callachand: I wish I had someone to instill in me more confidence in applying for jobs
In the second episode of the A Coffee With podcast series, C+D's editor Beth Kennedy spoke to C+D clinical and custom content editor Naimah...
22/03/2021 1
Mr Kumwenda says balancing learning and wellbeing is important for exam preparation
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has "conservatively" estimated that it will record a 60% pass rate in its exams on March 17-18, the first...
11/03/2021 0